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Gimp sig tut

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right i have noticed a lot of people are making mistakes and using stuff like paint for there banners so here is a tut for gimp which has a lot of power to it


1.open up gimp and start a new image with 400 width and 150 hight
2.then go to brushes and select one you want (dont forget to set the colour)
3. add another brush for effect (make the colour darker)
4.Go to photobucket planet renders game renders or request one to find a render (here is mine) and save your render as a png file
5.open your image in a new layer and
6.after that move it it to your liking with the move tool
and this is what mine looked like
7.now merge the layer down
8.Now you can add text so go to dialogues and go to fonts
and then pick from the list
9.mess about with the colour and size

This is what the finished result should look like
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i tried this tut coz im a beginner' date=' but wen i opened the render as a layer it still had the white background :( SOMEONE HELP ME! I WANT TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE A BANNER!!! :(


Transparent is see through, meaning you can look through it.

Opaque is not.

I'm 10 and I know dude.

Nice tut but its missing border and the shiny glow.

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