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A deck Im thinking about building

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Okay I wanna build a deck using the cards in the Phantom Darkness pack and I was on Yugioh Wikia trying to make a list of the cards I will go for. Before I go out trading and buying like crazy I want opinions and help building the deck. This is my list.


Monsters (Total 24)

Belial - Marquis of Darkness x1

Dark Grepher x2

Rainbow Dark Dragon x1

Dark Horus x1

Dark Creator x1

Dark Nephthsys x1

Dark Armed Dragon x1

Dark Crusader x3

Darklord Zerato x1

Darknight Parshath x1

Doomsday Horror x3

Double Coston x3

Mystic Tomato x3

Sangan x1

Vampire's Curse x1


Spell Cards (Total 14)

Allure of Darkness x1

The Begining of the End x2

Dark Eruption x1

Fires of the Doomsday x2

Lightning Vortex x2

Monster Reborn x1

Mystic Plasma Zone x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x1

Pot of Averice x2

Premature Buriel x1


Trap Cards (Total 10)

Dark Spirit Art - Greed x2

Escape from the Dark Dimension x2

Mirror Force x1

Magic Cylender x1

Sakuretsu Armor x2

Trap Jammer x1

Torrientel Tribute x1


Others thinking about

Yubel x3

Yubel - Terror Incarnate x2

Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare x1


Please lemme know what you think before Friday so I can be ready.

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Guest Chaos Pudding

1 Dark Armed Dragon is pointless. You run 3 or you run 0.


I Side 2 in my Killer7 deck' date=' TBQH.



That's an insult to DAD's awesomeness. He deserves his own personal deck dedicated to himself.


Well, DAD stood me up, so I think he needs some time out for a while. And besides, my deck works fine Game 1 without DADs.

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Cut down the the High Level Dark Monsters, like Dark Creater and Nyphthes, they are not the best, as far as the phantom darkness cards go, i mean they are good, but not the best and too many of those dark monsters kills the deck because they are not some of the easiest to get out.


Also add a couple burial from the different dimmensions, to get the monsters you removed from play to summon rainbow dark, etc. back.

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