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Weevil v.s. Rex Raptor

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They both suck. But' date=' Rex has better strategies and stronger monsters. Weevil relies on cards that are highly situational and time consuming to use.



Weevil wins. We even see him beat rex on the show.

That was a different deck, for one. And they were both using really crappy cards.


Still Weevil has at least one some duels.


lets look at their stats up to battle city.


rex loses to weevil in the finals.


rex loses to joey in duelist kingdom, who at the time is still a rookie.


rex loses first round in battle city.


weevil beast rex at the finales in the tournament.


weevil loses first round to yugi in duelist kingdom.


weevil loses to joey in battle city but got some star chips and wasn't kicked out first round.


now lets use another scientific method, ratios.


weevil dueling skills/ rex dueling skills = yugi dueling skills / joey dueling skills.


now for this to be balance obviously weevil must be better than rex, hence proven.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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