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Bound [OoC]

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This will be just an interest check for now, but I do fully intend on doing this RP.


And, besides, if this one doesn't attract interest, I suppose I have a backup plan.



Imagine, if you will, an oasis, in the middle of a monster-infested wasteland of death.


Now, picture a city being built over that oasis, with two walls- an outer wall, with which to keep out the monsters, and an inner one, to keep the upper class in control of the food and water.


The upper class is, of course, composed of mages: the magic users make it perfectly clear that their inherent abilities grant them divine right to rule over the rabble of normal humanity.


The lower class, situated between the walls, was kept generally content with piped-out wells, as well as carts filled with food created by duplication magic. There are occasional faults (mostly in mages forgetting to make their duplicate food taste like something), but it is a palatable existence.


However, some members of both classes of society often yearn to leave the walled city. It is unlikely that they would survive on their own, which is why the Contract Spells were created. A Contract Spell can be engaged in with anyone who has less magical power than the caster, and as such it has become common for mages who wish to leave to potentially find a better existence to contract a lower-class nonmagical.


So, on the Summer Solstice, the day where monsters leave the surface to mate, the outer gates are opened, and anyone who is paired up thus can feel free to leave the City.


Will they succeed? Only time will tell.


[i'll put up sign up info if I can get 4 people with interest]

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