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Evolutionary Destruction PACK (6/?)


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This archetypal pack features cards that "evolve" to a higher form.









Lore for Creature Evolution Method:

Target 1 card in your Extra Deck who has the name of a monster on your side of the field in its effect and, depending on the target's card type, apply the corresponding effect:


•Fusion: Special Summon target card and Tribute the monster whose name is in the target's effect. This summon counts as a Fusion Summon.

•Synchro: Special Summon target card and Tribute the monster whose name is in the target's effect. This summon counts as a Synchro Summon.

•Xyz: Special Summon target card and attach the monster whose name is in the target's effect as an Xyz Material. This summon counts as an Xyz Summon. This card cannot be used for the summoning if a "Number C" or a "CXyz" Xyz Monster

•Pendulum: Special Summon target card and Tribute the monster whose name is in the target's effect.


If this card is in your Graveyard, you can banish 1 Monster in your Graveyard: add this card to your hand. You can only activate this effect of "Creature Evolution Method" once per turn.



Any criticism is accepted.

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Hmm. Interesting. Very interesting. I like your archetype's gimmick here, using a spell card to instantly make powerful cards like Jayce Xenoz and Jayce Sekanor. However, there are a few things I'd change, most notably, with Jayce Xenoz.


First off, Jayce: Everything is fine, up to his last effect. The problem with this effect is that it's so... versatile. So easy to use. It'd make Pendulum decks even more powerful than they already are, and that's saying something. I could see this thing being a real issue when facing Odd-Eyes/Performpals or Igknights: they'd be able to set up massive plays with this one card on the field, since they can search through the deck for any Pendulum Monster they want in the Extra Deck / on the field immediately (or, almost immediately). As to not make it slightly overpowered, and avoiding making it redundant, could you instead change its effect to only target Warrior-Type Pendulum Monsters or DARK Attribute Pendulum Monsters? Having some restrictions would help it from becoming a Cyber-Stein or Magical Scientist.


Next up, Jayce Xenoz. First off, for its effect, since Jayce would be its only XYZ Material, you wouldn't say "all", you would just say "detach Basicity Warrior - Jayce", or "detach one XYZ Material". Now, onto its effect. Put simply, this is a potential OTK in the works. If you could Dark Hole your opponents field and they had nothing to answer for this, you could instantly drop them to 1000 Life Points in one turn. And, if that wasn't enough, what if you had the potential to bring out ANY Monster with 1000+ Attack that same turn you brought out Jayce? Then it'd be an OTK. Or, you could just use any of the infinite amounts of Burn Cards to whittle your opponent down. Put simply, if I were you, just make it so that he either gets two attacks, or that he gets the boost. Definitely not both, because then you'd essentially have a 7000 Attack monster on the field.

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I'd say just stick with the first part of the effect. No need to make him completely debilitated. So, the effect would probably go a little like this.


"If you have Basicity Warrior - Jayce" as this card's only XYZ Material, you can activate this effect;

*Detach one XYZ Material from this card: Double this card's attack, and it can attack twice this turn. All battle damage done by this card is halved.

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