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When your Husbando is coming to America [Legendary Ocean Purelanteans]


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No pic because DN is being stupid


2x Attack Squad (a 2200 at the very least is nice, especially when given the opportunity to go direct)

2x Dragoons (Makes direct attacks super possible and searches when dumped)

3x Heavy Infantry (An extra normal is great, and popping any face-up when dumped is also great)

3x Marksman (gets out my other Atlanteans and blows up threats when dumped)

Deep Sea Diva (Free Atlantean. Also a Poseidra target)

Divine Dragon Aquabizarre (gets back my aquariums stuffs and oceans, and gets off Atlantean effs)

3x Neptabyss the Atlantean Husbando (Dumps atlanteans to search atlanteans. Revives stuff when dumped. Wins for days)

Poseidra (Bounce all S/T is nice, and the dubuff is also nice. And is searchable by Husbando. Nice)

2x Spined Gillman (a 400 boos to everything is great, also a diva target)

3x Warrior of Atlantis (searches the ocean and has decent stats when it doesn't)


3x Legendary Ocean (makes dragoons a direct attacker and gives a boost. can also mess with the opponent if they're running mermails or w/e)

2x Aquarium Set (a boost and can revive Atlantis when it blows up)

2x Aquarium Stage (keeps my atlanteabns on the field, mostly. also revives Atlantis)

3x Moray of Greed (shuffles atlanteans and w/e back into deck for use later and gets me better cards sometimes)


2x Smile World (not that good but can make for game with direct attacking atlanteans. Could probably take out)

2x Terraforming (more ocean searches)


3x Aegis of the Oean Dragon Lord (keeps my atlanteans from blowing up)

Solemn Warning

2x Torrential Reborn (counters raigeki and dark hole with added burn)

Torrential Tribute (blows stuff up, works well with reborn)


So, this is the deck I'm thinking about getting IRL. Anyone got anything for an extra deck, or the main deck, or anything?

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