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How about that World Series

Flame Dragon

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As you may or may not know I'm from New York, so seeing a New York team in the World Series is cool and has a lot of my friend excited. After the Mets lost the first 2 games I started seeing posts going around saying


1986: Lose Game 1 by 1 and Game 2 by 6. Win series

2015: Lose Game 1 by 1 and Game 2 by 6.


To keep spirits up. Not only did the Mets get their win today they did it by 6 runs, the same as in the 86 world series. I imagine most of YCM doesn't care (which is why I'm putting this in Misc.) but how amazing would it be if they end up mirroring each other?


Also bonus point the game 2 and 3 final scores are flipped.

86: 3-9, 7-1

15: 1-7, 9-3


Its so oddly specific and I love it.

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