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Can we do trades of our stuff of the packs?


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Just as a test: This are cards that I have that I'd be willing to trade away, if offered something I could use. Please send a PM my way if any of these catch your eye.


Elemental HERO Blazeman

Formula Synchron

Black Illusion Ritual x 2

Level Eater


Tin Goldfish
Masked HERO Anki
Ghostrick Dullahan
Moon Mirror Shield

Upstart Goblin

Void Trap Hole


Moon Mirror and Upstart are Rare, Void Trap Hole is a Super Rare. The rest are commons. I'm looking for Zombie-Type support at the moment, namely Goblin Zombie, but also Plaguespreader Zombie and maybe Gashadokuro, but I'd prefer to see whether Uni-Zombie is coming to 2099 first, 'cos it's basically much better. (Although Gash can reach Level 5 without a discard). However, I can also use generic cards, so if you got something, tell me and we'll see.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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