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Talking Heads Yu-Gi-Oh


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So originally I wanted to just create a story that focused more on the antagonist of the typical YuGiOh plotline, where instead of following a young, plucky protagonist, we watch the daily life of the Seto Kiabas and Jacks of these story. In particular, the story that I am thinking about stars a man by the name of Emmanuel Hopkins, who is the CEO of a company operating out of New Domino city. As I was writing out the first episode of the story, I came to realize that the only way to make a selfish character the center of the story was to create a strong supporting cast full of personality and interesting interactions. But after a while, I just realized that it started to sound more and more like an office comedy.


That's when the idea hit me. What if I wrote out a YuGiOh fanfiction that was kind of a cross between The Office and YuGiOh! With talking heads and all!? I mean...I'd read that.


My first issue for it is really the formatting, as scenes will randomly be interrupted for characters to speak to the readers directly. If you guys can think of any other issues that I should be aware of before going forward, let me know! I'm really excited about this idea and think it would be a great way in introduce a lot of new and interesting game play. 

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I like the idea of a Kaiba-boss kinda guy and him just going around the departments and ruining everything. Interrupting the Duel Disk engineers with stupid buzzwords and they're like "That's literally impossible!"

Going to the card design labs and just Make fake an awful cards with poor grammar.

Going to the pro dueling area and just interrupting duels. Visiting the Duel Academies he sponsored and interrupting stuff.

I can't imagine the whole "talking head" thing translating well into text though. You could probably express a similar idea/joke just by writing like a normal person. I guess the way I imagine it is something like:


"That's a great idea!" said Tom.


"That's a terrible idea! A duel disk that plays the game for you? Why even bother having duelists!?"


"That's why you sign the checks Mr Hopkins!"


"That's a great idea!" though deep down inside, John knew it was a terrible idea. A Duel Disk that plays the game for you? Why even bother having duelists!? Of course, he couldn't say that outloud. After all, Mr Hopkins was the one who signed the checkes.

First one's harder to follow, and even if you put stuff like fancy colors, bolding stuff, italics, it just seems more needlessly complicated and requires additional explanation for people to get what's going. It takes up more space and just looks poor. I think a style closer to B would work better but... IDK, I don't even know what exactly you mean by "Talking Head".

I like the story idea though. Fun stuff, but taking place in the YuGiOh-verse is pretty entertaining.

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Very true. I think that I would go with a line separation and different fonts for each character. Heck, it worked for a lot of Fan Fiction reviews on this site for a while.


My biggest obstacle right now right now his how I want to format the episodes.


I had an idea to make each story more or less self contained and episodic. Kinda of like a slice-of-life story set in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe, from the perspective of every day people, having to deal with protagonists brings eldrich horrors into existence every few months.


"Last week a high schooler told me that he had to get into my house cause it was built on top of an ancient burial ground from 15,000 years ago and had to challenge the dead spirits to a card game to help them find rest. He managed to win the Duel, but the little punk then proceeded to raid my fridge. When I tried to stop him, he just kept rambling about the fate of the world and shadow worlds, but I'm just thinking to myself, jabroni! I don't care if you daddy was Zork, those free-range eggs are f***ing expensive!"

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