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[poetry] Erasure Poem

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Recently wrote this obvious inspiration from current events, and was very proud of how it turned out. A quick preface: An erasure poem is where you take a excerpt from a piece, article, or whatever; and you erase words and make it say something completely different. So, here it is.



Haven’t we all had enough of talking

As the CEO of an organization with 7,000 customers and offices around the world, I try to avoid talking about politics at work altogether. It’s dangerous. It alienates people, and despite the fact that I have strong political opinions in my private life, I don’t let those opinions influence how I run my company or manage my employees. But I have to say something now.

Over the past several days. I’ve heard from people inside and outside my organization talking about how scared they are. How confused they are. How angry or vindicated they are. I’ve seen people protesting the results of November 8 by wearing labels,that define who they are. People are yelling,. They are screaming, at one another and marching in the streets. unfriending and unfollowing people with opposing political views on social media. I have spent the past 18 months watching America tear itself into tiny shreds. and factions Conservative, Libertarian, Liberal, Socialist, LGBTQ, woman, man, black, white, Latino, Asian, Muslim, Christian – frankly, the divisions among Americans seem endless.

Haven’t we all had enough of talking?


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