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[Story Plan ] Yu-Gi-Oh EVOLUTIONS


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This is my story planning for my story Yugioh Evolutions. It's about duelists who push themselves further by constantly changing themselves for the better. Here I am going to list some major characters.

[spoiler=Jason Young]Jason Young is a duelist who embodies evolution summoning to the fullest. He is enthusiastic, energetic, and determined to do anything. He never gives up, and no matter what, no person can stop him.He runs a"The force of" deck, a deck emphasizing evolution summoning. His trump card is" the force of Dreams".



[spoiler=Eli Mech ]Eli Mech is a calculating duelist. He was born into a family of factory workers and welders. Because of this, he became in love with machines, going so far as to encase his favorite card,"Cyber Dragon Infinity" in SILVER. He runs a " Cyber Dragon" deck, oriented on fusion and xyz summoning. Although he does have a few evolution cards.


Please give me feedback, and ask questions freely. Thank you for your time.

P.S. Evolution Summoning is were under special conditions, at the right moment, your cards change, become something they weren't. This isn't like Chaos Xyz Evolution, because it also works on other cards, such as spell and traps. Changing a monster into assault mode or leveling up a LV monster do count as Evolution summoning.

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