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Fortune-telling with Destiny HERO - Malicious

Destiny HERO - Malicious

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Foresight is a time-honoured tradition amongst the Destiny Heroes, ever since Aster Phoenix took an appreciation of his childhood friend Sartorius's gift. Having tuned many, many times with the Psychic-type Krebons, I too have developed the gift of clairvoyance. 


To enter, ask any question about the future and post an unplagiarised Summoning chant of at least 10 words for any Destiny HERO. You may ask one question per day, for a maximum of three fortunes told. Once you have received three fortunes, incorporate them into a story and you will receive 3 tickets!

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What kind of future is in store for me and my sweetheart?


"O, lord of the clock tower prison! Prove that demise awaits those for whom the bell tolls, Destiny HERO - Dreadmaster!"




Lovers young

Shall unite as one!

Their marriage strong 

Cannot be undone! 



Will I be remembered by my friends?




Double Dudes! Blade Master! Make way! Show the truth of the future, Destiny HERO - Dogma!

You'll float through their reveries
Until their old age
But your friend's memories 
Shall be like a mirage
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