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[DPR] Basically the card that'll make your opponent afraid when you Set Spell/Traps in the MP1

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The Madness Method
Trap - Normal

When you take 2000 or more damage: Destroy all cards on the field. This card can be activated the turn it was Set.

Kinda a sort of Inferno Tempest more-so resembling Mirror Force. The reason this card can activate the turn it was Set is because it was originally supposed to be a Quick-play, but the plan is that there will be less direct negation in the DPR and more settle play around, so if they're Setting in MP1 and they can take 2000 damage in the Battle Phase, you might rather want to negate the attack or attempt to destroy your opponent's Spell/Traps.

The name is referencing the point that you'd be using this while your losing, yet by taking the necessary steps you'd be losing even more if you didn't have this card, so you put a really weak monster in attack, set this MP1, go for the attack, and your opponent has to figure out if you actually have it, giving your opponent tough decisions despite the fact they're in the lead.

Pretty early in the morning for me, so I'll probably post another card by the end of the day, possibly more. If I don't probably less. Hope you comment because that's the only way for me to know that I know what I'm doing.

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