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Black D'Sceptyr

Double Helping (Going For Seconds Never Looked So Addictive)

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[spoiler=Double Helping: Info]

Normal Trap Card


Lore: Reveal 1 Set Spell/Trap on the field, then apply 1 of these effects. You can only activate 1 "Double Helping" per turn. 

• Destroy that revealed card, then either banish 1 card from your hand or Deck with the same name as that destroyed card or take 1500 damage.

• Return 1 face-up card that is either banished, on the field, or in the GYs to the hand with that revealed card's name, also cards with that name can be activated from the hand or field this turn.


A two-fer on one day, what madness do this be






This works on making work with the Set cards, an increasing rarity on this side of the Yugioh elite's card-playing circles. Begin able to put copies of otherwise slow or useful cards in a new way is paramount to making otherwise useless cards on the backrow that much more beneficial.


I speak of otherwise handly Monster-Summoning Traps, (like Dinomist Charge and Geargiagear.)


I speak of cards that could work wonders if they were either done on turns where they don't interfere, (like Pot of Duality and Abyssal Adjudicator).


And I definitely speak of cards that can work wonders when either done in duplicate or benefit from banishment, (like Mask Change and Metaphys Ascension, respectively). 


All of that and more can be enhanced through the self-treatment known as Double Helping!


Until the next card, folks, reviews, revelry, you know the drill.


BD'S, signing off.



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