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Ask Mike Anything!

Mike Tyson

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Hey, Mike, I'm a big fan, and as fellow champions, I think we should solve a case together. What say you?



What mystery are we going to solve???


Pff...pfffft! Ahahaha! What is up with that VOICE! Ohmigod it's sooooo stupid! But, you know, I guess it just matches the face then.


This girl is mean. I'm not going to apologize for my sensitive side.


Is that mark on your face waterproof? kod62z0.png?1


Hell yeah it is! And since it's printed in my skin, it's probably bulletproof too!

Bitten off any ears lately?


Tips for punching multiple people at once with one punch?

This is a pretty advanced one, so trynna stick with me here.


The trick, is to punch one guy, into the other guy. This is called the Big Mac Index, after a guy I used to fight. He uses this super advanced move in 4-person brawls!

How did you get so good at solving mysteries and boxing?

My boxing career set me up perfectly to be a mystery-solver, I think the details should be obvious

Well hey there Mike Tyson! You seem a lot more animated than I remember. . .


Anywho, the question I have for you is how did you get that gap in your teeth? I mean, I could just google this myself and find out, but I'd rather hear you explain it yourself. 

That's just the way God made me

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