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Looking for a safe place to sleep tonight

The Muse

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I've been traveling around but I don't have a safe place to rest my head overnight. I wonder if anyone around here could lend me a bed.




I don't have much to offer in exchange, but I do have some points. Do points interest you? If you show me a picture and description of what your accommodation is like, as well as how many points you'd charge for the night, I'll consider staying there. Thank you.

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Here's my finest room.



I'll take that to feed the worms with, thanks.



Might I suggest staying here? While Mercury Rising is a horrid casino, beneath it is an underground ancient temple that was once used to worship of the demon known as Cyttorak.

[spoiler=Mercury Rising]




Seems a bit sketchy... I appreciate the offer Mysterio, but I think I'll find a nice dank cave for tonight. I guess these points really are worthless if no one made an effort to rent me a room...




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