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Cyber Angels suck so I'm playing Nekroz Armityle Mimic or somethin


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[spoiler=Deck List]Monsters:

3x Zaborg

3x Talismandra

2x Bookstone

3x Candoll

3x Ash

2x Pensilver

3x Trishula (Ritual)

3x Chalislime

1x Brionac (Ritual)

1x Unicore

3x Clausolas (Ritual)



1x RotA

1x Miracle Synchro Fusion

1x Upstart

1x Card Destruction

2x Mirror

2x Kaleidoscope

2x Celebration

1x Cycle

2x Called



1x Armityle

1x Crystal Bell

1x Chimerafflesia

2x N'tss



1x Quasar

1x Trishula (Synchro)

2x Winter Bell

1x Brionac (Synchro)

3x Herald

1x Clausolas (Synchro)







Zaborg dumps:


Chimerarafflesia (Unless you draw into Miracle Synchro Fusion)

2 Winter Bell

3 Herald and/or N'tss


Pretty fun deck for the most part. Was playing Cyber Angels cause I though Lithium was sheet at making the deck but Nekroz are just strictly better.

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Not plying Valk feels wrong.


On top of that, Psyframelord Omega and Toadally Awesome are good Zaborg targets.


Didn't really want to cut anything for it. Might take out a trish but that doesn't seem right.


I might add in Omega if I end up running Valk, but as for dumping with Zaborg: Searching and/or popping is strictly better than recycling, and switching it out for one of the other dumps ruin the Miracle Synchro Fusion set up. (If you drew into MSF already you can trade-off dumping Chimerafflesia, but other than that is pretty bad tbh)

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