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Sorry [Serious]

Ember McLain

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I've been quite critical, more so than I should have been on the mods about how this year's event turned out. It is something I honestly look forward too and I was and still am upset to see it go to waste.


"You were a sheet monster anyways."


Yeah, but so were just about everyone else, bar maybe 2 or 3. I'm not gonna completely blame the performer theme because upon better consideration that simply isn't the case. I'm not going to straight up admit it didn't impact the event in some negative way, but it was never inherently bad- as I was saying before. I just wanted something or someone to blame for the event being what most could (and were) calling "utter sheet".


I tried doing pulling creative but I really just don't have the energy for it and it was naive for me to think I could pull it off. That is my fault. I am sorry for being a sheet monster. I'm sorry for a lot actually.


-I'm sorry Black, and really all the mods for trying to force the blame on you

-I'm sorry to YCM for giving up the way I did and ruining the mood

-I'm sorry I failed to entertain

-and overall I'm sorry you got such a sheet event this year, and I can only hope me (whether I decide to participate or not) and everyone else can do a much better job next year


-M. Bersback

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