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Digital Network Link Dragon and Cyber Network Link Dragon


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Digital Network Link Dragon



Link Arrows: Bottom-Right,Bottom-center,Bottom-Left

Attribute: Dark



2+effect monsters

This card gain’s effects equal to the amount of monsters it links to:

1:gains 500 ATK

2:When it attacks an defense position monster inflict piercing damage

3: Once Per Turn, and only once that turn: Inflict damage to your opponent x500 equal to the monsters co-linked to it

When a monster this cards points to is destroyed, destroy one of the opponent’s monster or spell/trap card.


Cyber Network Link Dragon



Link Arrows:Bottom-Right,Bottom-Left,Middle-Right,Middle-Left,Middle-Right



1 Link monster and 1+ non-link extra deck

When an extra deck monster is summoned to zone this cards points to, banish it until the end phase, this card gains the name,Level/Rank and its was a non-link monsters, It’s link Rating is replaced with its defense,You can only use the effect of Cyber Network Link Dragon, once per turn and only once that turn. When this effect activates, You and the opponent’ cannot summon extra deck monsters who level/Rank are higher or equal to the banished monster until this card is removed or destroyed.


Edit: 4/11/2018

Added a new effect to alongside the previous of Cyber Network



Changed Cyber Network’s summoning Condition to make a bit harder(feel like I accidentally made it easier do)



Reduced Cyber Network’s summoning condition

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The last effect of Digital Network isn't once per turn, and triggered by anybody. Sounds too abusable. OPT is a lot more balanced. The burn is also super specific considering card that point Up Left and Up Right are quite rare, outside of Orcrust decks.


Cyber Network is interesting. You're basically giving yourself a copy of the summoned monster in terms of stats. I don't know how this could be useful tbh.


The wording is a bit off on the cards, so maybe try this?


Digital Network Link Dragon


ATK: 3000 Link-3 (DL, D, DR)

2+ Effect monsters

Once per turn, when a monster linked to this card is destroyed: You can destroy 1 card your opponent controls. This card gains the following effects based on the number of monsters Linked with it.

1: Gains 500 ATK

2: When this card battles a defense position monster, inflict piercing damage.

3: You can inflict damage to your opponent equal to the number of monsters co-linked with this card x500. You can only activate this effect of "Digital Network Link Dragon" once per turn."

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Yeah, I am well aware that the effect of Cyber Network ain’t good at the moment, but I am still trying to work another effect for him to along with the first

Cool, just seen the new effect.

So: make Cyber Network, Instant Fusion a Level 1 Monster, Cyber Network effect activates, locking both players out of Special Summons except Link Summoning.

This is another Iblee situation, except backwards, stopping all except Links. In fact this basically becomes Vanity's Emptiness in a meta format, with the bonus of you don't have to search this. I'm gonna go on my gut and say this is nuts, maybe too much so, but, it is a Link-4. The the opponent still needs to get over a 3K, too. If it was in a format it would force people to run removal based counters. It's easy to say "Raigeki beats it though", and I don't think that's a valid argument. 

Monarchs, DM, True Draco, and a lot of older decks love this. This is a big anti-meta card. Not sure how I feel tbh, but moving on.


The new text can be edited to something a little simpler:


"When an Extra Deck monster* is Summoned to your zone this card points to: You can banish it until the End Phase, and this cards name becomes the banished monster's, also, if the banished monster was a non-Link Monster, this card is treated as the same Level/Rank, and its Defense replaces this cards Link Rating. After this effect resolves, neither player can Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck with a Level/Rank equal to or higher than this cards. You can only activate the effect of "Cyber Network Link Dragon" once per turn."


*To date, there is no such term as "Extra Deck Monster", I think closest we have is "a card that originally belonged in the Extra Deck", not sure, so let's just use your text (which is an easy and understandable term).


Edit just tidies it.

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Two things I noticed.


First, you've used redundant text on both cards with "once per turn and only once that turn." The text "Once per turn" is sufficient.


Second, I agree with Bruteboii in that it's too easy to set up Cyber Network Link Dragon. Using instant fusion on a low level fusion to stop anything equal or higher would be pretty solid lockdown for a relatively meager cost. My suggestion would be to invert it, and make it a high level/rank card and anything lower. This means it comes as risk vs reward (because you're losing a strong monster for this) and would also prevent abuse from cards such as Instant Fusion.

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Changed the Summoning condition don’t how it works out do

You've made the Summon Materials needlessly complicated to the point this now isn't really worth playing, even with the effect, because you'll have burnt through so many resources. 

The issue was the effect, not the materials. I agree with @@lord Nightraven, and the effect should be inverted. This is casual though so up to you, I just don't think this is a healthy effect.

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