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[written] Morphtronic Power Drill


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Hello All! 


Morphtronic was always one of my favourite Archetypes to run as a kid and its addition to Duel links has sparked an interest in them for me again! This card is designed to work as a more fact paced way of summoning power tool dragon (in a morphtronic set up deck; hence summoning conditions for balance of the effect.) I have also made it centred around using equip spell cards to maximise the use of playing a more traditional morphtronic deck.


Name: Morphtronic Power Drill: Not gonna state the obvious but I thought this was needed as it is a direct support to power tool as oposed to monophonic like most of the special summon effects in the archetype.



[spoiler=Morphtronic Power Drill]

Morphtronic Power Drill


Machine/ Effect:

Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Can only be Special Summoned by removing 2 Equip Spell Cards from either players GY. On the turn this card is Special Summoned: send 1 Equip Spell Card from your Deck to the GY to change the Battle Position of one Face-up ‘Morphtronic’ monster you control. (This effect can only be used once per turn.)

While this card is in Attack Position: Return 1 ‘Morphtronic’ monster from your Hand to your Deck to Special Summon 1 ‘Power Tool Dragon’ from your Extra Deck (this effect can only be used once per turn.)

While this card is in Defence Position: Pay 1000 LP; send 1 Face-up Equip Spell Card from the Field to the GY, each player Draws 1 card. (this effect can only be used once per turn.)

This card can only be used as a Synchro Material Monster for the summon of a Machine-Type monster.

ATK 800 Def 1200


Please feel free to somment and critique, critisim is the best way of improvement.

[spoiler='Ghostrick Zomb-On

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As someone who used to play tons of Morphtronics back in the Synchro era, I love the concept of this card. Equip Morphtronics, in my mind, quickly got phased out by the rapid spam decks that could be made by using cards like Machine Dupe and Pot of Avarice. So its nice to take it back in this direction.

Actually looking at the effect, I do like the versatility of the summoning condition. Really seems like you were thinking about Isolde here, which honestly needs something more than Winter Cherries to get in its way (albeit this would be a rather slow way of dealing with it).

The summon condition is interesting, but I feel like it should be one of the position effects instead. Also phrasing tip: "When this card is Special Summoned: you can target 1 "Morphtronic" monster you control; send 1 Equip Card from your Deck to the GY, and if you do, change its battle position."

The first effect is really OP. Of course I like support for PT Dragon, but this is too much imo.

Ironically, I think the second effect doesn't actually do enough. I really don't think Morphtronics could afford to let their opponent draw a card.

The restriction at the end probably isn't needed. Morphtronics aren't broken enough to need a set back like this and this card can't even be normal summoned. Konami has a bad habit of doing this to legacy support too.

Love the idea. Best of luck.

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