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Gemstone Dragons (Concept)


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Gemstone Dragon Rybu

Light/3 star/Dragon/Effect

ATK 1900/DEF 700

This card loses 100 ATK for every banished "Gemstone Dragon". This card cannot be destroyed by battle, and any damage you would take from battle is also dealt to your opponent. This card is sent to the bottom of your deck if you attack a monster with less ATK, unless you send 1 "Gemstone Dragon" Spell/Trap to the GY. If this card is banished to summon another "Gemstone Dragon", banish the top card of your opponents deck. 



Gemstone Dragon Saphyr

Light/6 Star/Dragon/Effect

ATK 2300/ DEF 500

Banish any 2 "Gemstone Dragons" from the GY to Special Summon this card from your hand or Deck. This card loses 200 ATK for every "Gemstone Dragon" that is banished. If this card attacks a monster with higher attack than itself, the damage that you would take is also dealt to your opponent.



Gemstone Cavern (Field Spell)

Decrease the ATK of all Attack Position "Gemstone Dragons" by 200. If a "Gemstone Dragon" were to be destroyed by card effect, you can banish this card face up to negate and destroy that card. 


Any input for Gemstone monsters/spells/traps that would work with these 3 would be awesome!

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