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[Written] Aromaseraphy Agelonia


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Aromage are one of my favourite archetypes and I decided to give them a bit more of a beefy support!


[spoiler=Aromaseraphy Agelonia]

Aromaseraphy Agelonia

EARTH/ Plant/ Link/ Effect/ Rating 2

Link Markers: Top Right, Right

ATK 1800

2+ Plant monsters, including a Level 4 ‘Aromage’ monster.

While your LP is higher than your opponents, all Co-Linked monsters on the field become Plant. While you control a Face-up plant monster, other than this card: (Quick Effect) Destroy one Plant monster your opponent controls: draw 1 card. You can only use the effect of ‘Aromaseraphy Agelonia’ once per turn. Once per turn, if you gain life points while ‘Aromage Garden’ is Face-up: Special Summon one Level 4 or lower ‘Aromage’ monster from your Deck in Defence Position. While this card is on the Field you can only Special Summon Plant monsters from your Extra Deck. 



Agelonia is a very small, bright pink flower...and it sounds badd ass!!! (also sounds a bit like angelica) 





Limitations: Has to be a level 4 Aromage monster, meaning you have to be running rosemary to get this beast out (meaning you will probably have to be running an actual aromage/ aromage hybrid deck! To get the special Summon off you have to have the field spell face-up. Basically I want to make sure this card sees use actually being played with aromage the way it should be!


Effect breakdown: Basically a quick play fragrence storm! with its quick effect you can use it in either players turn which could come in handy on shutting down link monsters (if they dont negate the effect!) The draw is an added cost because whats the point than just destroying something now days, there almost always has to be an add on effect to keep it competitive. The special summon is to fuel further link, synchro, xyz or tribute summon plays ( I would go into jasmine and find away of causing a draw!) I have limited the special summon to the extra deck to allow plants to do what plants do best...special summon! 




Hope you enjoy!



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