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[OOC/Started/Not Accepting/R-13] Pokemon Atlas


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IC Thread


[spoiler=Rules & Info]Do I even need this here?


All YCM and RP rules apply, my word is law, etc etc. You guys are cool so this really goes without saying these days. Now about the RP.


So I’ve been wanting to do some mons RP for a good while, but I’ve been putting it off due to lack of time and prioritizing a larger project of mine. But now the itch has grown too strong and so it must be scratched.

Trying to keep it small so that hosting it takes minimal effort on my part. As far as plot and setting is concerned, I’m also keeping that relatively simple. This will be a beginning trainer/coming of age story set in Johto and eventually Kanto, approximately 8 years after the events of Gold/Silver (for those of you keeping track, that means this RP will take place concurrently with Sun and Moon). Expect it to be more adult oriented than the core series games; the cast will be teens as opposed to ten year olds and the themes and stories involved will likewise be more mature. You can expect to explore new locales in both regions as well. As usual I’ll have a discord server set up for it as well, and will provide invites on request.


This RP will be limited acceptance. I will only be accepting a maximum of four players on a mixed quality/first come basis. What that means is that the people who get their apps out first are the most likely to make it in, but if you rush out an app and its crappy I'll deny it or make you improve it. Really simple.


Now as for how the pokemon game mechanics are gonna be done, I'll be taking a few pages from CowCow's Mind & Soul RP. Literally. Credit for the rules I'm copying and paraphrasing goes to him and/or possibly Skaia, idk who wrote em. Don't hit.


[spoiler=Stats, Leveling, Evolution, etc.]Stats will be played loosely in Pokemon Atlas. Pokemon's levels, Natures, abilities, characteristics, and moves will all be listed, however HP bars, EXP bars, and the actual numbers of the statistics themselves will be abstracted in favor of a more cinematic approach. IE: battles will be written purely as action scenes with no attention paid whatsoever to how much HP a mon has left or how many stages its stats have been raised/lowered, and victory or defeat will be determined by narrative need, with me arbitrating when I feel its necessary to directly control the outcome of a battle.


Pokemon will level up when I feel the mon in question has gained enough experience. In other words: I tell you a mon leveled up OOC, you adjust its stats in your app accordingly, and acknowledge it IC if you feel the need.


Evolution will operate based on either a pokemon's level/held item/other evolution gimmick, narrative convenience, or a combination of both. Basically what this means is that pokemon will evolve when they normally would in the games unless an event in the plot that could cause them to evolve (like a tough battle with some character development involved for instance) occurs and that pokemon's player wishes for it to evolve in a more cinematic manner.



[spoiler=Wild Encounters]Wild pokemon encounters will be conducted in one of a few ways, depending on the situation.

1. I establish the presence of a wild pokemon (or multiple) near the party in a host post, the Player Characters respond accordingly and attempt to battle or catch them if they so desire. This can be done either through a back and forth series of posts as normal, a collaborative post between all parties involved, or entirely within a single post written by one player, depending on preference.

2. A player can ask permission from me to establish the presence of a specific wild pokemon (or multiple) in their own post (if there's something in particular they would like to catch, or maybe just see/give the other players the opportunity to interact with), and then with my approval they can do so. Since this takes place in Johto and Kanto there are established precedents for what pokemon should appear where, so this should be easy to do. The player may control the wild pokemon encountered, or cede control to me as a host, whichever they prefer. Then proceed as above, writing the encounter either in a series of posts, a collab, or a single post by a single person.



[spoiler=Battles]Trainer battles will be conducted one of two ways:

1. I provide information on the trainer's team and battle style, and you write the battle out yourself.

2. The battle is conducted traditionally through regular posts or collabs.


Should I find it necessary that a character win or lose a battle, I will inform you of this before the battle starts. Otherwise, the outcome will be decided by narrative flow/the player writing it.



[spoiler=Plot & Setting]We're set in Johto to start. If you don't know what the johto region is, you're either really young or you're living under a pokemon-blocking rock. Either way, I suggest you read up on the region before you apply if you know nothing about it. 


Now for the important part.


Not all pokemon trainers start their journey the same way.


Some get a pokedex and a partner from a pokemon professor, others take their pets with them and set out, and yet more still venture alone into the wilderness with a pokeball in hand, letting fate and a steady arm decide who their lifelong ally will be. No matter how a trainer's journey begins though, all of these young people could use a little help.


Enter MapCo: a branch of Silph Company responsible for creating and maintaining the always-dependable Town Map and its derivatives found on nearly every trainer-centric electronic device ever made. Using global positioning technology and an ID system, MapCo's maps update in real time and tell you exactly where you are and where everything else in the region you're currently located in is. Sometimes these nifty devices can even track specific roaming pokemon, with a little software tweaking. MapCo prides itself on its dependability and its dedication to helping trainers everywhere ensure that they're never lost. Of course, this reliability only comes from a well maintained system, and occasionally the folks at MapCo decide to use this never ending maintenance process as a way to give back to the training community, and save a few pokedollars at the same time.


What do I mean by that? Why the Trainer Internship Program of course! Every summer, MapCo reaches out to young people across the world and offers them a simple deal: Take 50 new GPS system stakes (all of which fit conveniently into a trainer's backpack and are fully compatible with all item storage PC software) to a region to replace worn out ones, and in return MapCo provides travel fare and occasionally a pokemon, all with the intent to give new trainers an excuse to start out on an adventure. So long as all the stakes are planted within six months, there are no strings attached, and of course a Town Map (or Mapcard for you poke'gear aficionados) is provided free of charge.


This year marks the 6th consecutive summer of the TIP, and this season MapCo is taking you to Johto!  Whether you're going after the pokemon league, taking on johto's battle frontier, aiming for gold in the pokeathalon, or just looking to sight-see, you're excited to have been chosen for the program. You've just arrived in Cherrygrove city along with the other TIP participants, some of whom (maybe even you) will be receiving their first pokemon along with your 50 stakes (and the stake testing kit that goes with it, gotta make sure those puppies are working and put in the ground at the right spot!) from the MapCo representative at the pokemon center. After that, its off to wherever your heart desires, though it might be best to travel as a group....


Age: (14-17, since the TIP is geared toward teens)


Hometown: (Name of the city and the region its located in)

[spoiler=Description]Providing an image is strongly recommended. At minimum try to include at least 4 lines here.


[spoiler=Personality/Bio]6 lines minimum. Backstory stuff isn't essential, but if you feel like there's information you want to include you can stick it here.


[spoiler=Starting Pokemon]Your starter is very important, and often are characters in and of themselves, so they get a special mini app section here. Should be updated as the RP goes on like the rest of the team. Starters can be any non-pseudolenegdary pokemon that evolves at least once. If you wish, you may choose one of the starters provided by MapCo below instead of bringing your own. First come first serve!


Nickname: (Optional, but who doesn't nickname their starter?)





Level: (No higher than 7)

[spoiler=Description]A good idea to include an image here too, but its not necessary.


[spoiler=Personality]Nature and characteristic go here, as well as other stuff you'd like to include about them.




Held Item: (if any)


[spoiler=Team]Where the rest of the pokemon you catch go. Feel free to include your starter here too if you like. Feel free to use the starter skeleton above for all of your pokemon if you so desire as well. Spoiler the pokemon's entry if you're doing so and/or including an image.











Held Item:


[spoiler=Inventory]All Characters will begin with a Town Map or an equivalent device. List all the items and the amount of pokedollars your character has currently here, in whichever format you desire.


[spoiler=Misc]anything that doesn't fit in the above goes here.





[spoiler=MapCo's Starter Pokemon] I've left the nicknames blank so that your characters can name these pokemon themselves. Feel free to add to these if you feel so inclined, so long as you keep the basic gist of the pokemon's personality the same.



Species: Sandshrew (Alolan)

Gender: Male

Type: Ice/Steel

Ability: Snow Cloak

Level: 5



[spoiler=Personality]Nature: Jolly

Characteristic: Impetuous and Silly


All Sandshrew seems to care about is enjoying himself. He loves, loves, loves to play with other pokemon, dig holes, and generally do anything that doesn't involve sitting still. Naturally this means he can be a bit of a handful, but he's guaranteed to make you laugh and smile, and he's always full of energy. He's also a little chubby for a Sandshrew.


[spoiler=Moves]Scratch, Defense Curl, Bide, Powder Snow


Held Item:






Species: Budew

Gender: Female

Type: Grass/Poison

Ability: Natural Cure

Level: 5




[spoiler=Personality]Nature: Gentle

Characteristic: Alert to Sounds


A mild mannered, kind-hearted flower child, Budew loves nothing more than to relax in the sun with friends. She's caring, attentive, and doesn't seem to be too enthused about battle, though she'll obey her trainer's commands nonetheless. Budew is what's known as a "Shiny" pokemon, meaning her coloration is different from a normal member of her species, and she appears to sparkle whenever released form her pokeball. She's been known to use this to get attention from others.


[spoiler=Moves]Absorb, Growth, Synthesis


Held Item:






Species: Goomy

Gender: Male

Type: Dragon

Ability: Hydration

Level: 5



[spoiler=Personality]Nature: Sassy

Characteristic: Strong Willed.


Goomy is a troublemaker. He does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants. Usually this involves getting people he likes very, very slimy. Also has trouble obeying commands, though he does enjoy battles quite a bit. Obviously a handful, but he's good natured in spite of it.


[spoiler=Moves]Tackle, Bubble, Absorb


Held Item:





[spoiler=Accepted Apps]Trey Joule

Quentin Sparrow

Quinton Worth

Samuel Cotter

Creedence Akeley

Chad Griffith


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[spoiler=Quentin Sparrow]

Name: Quentin Sparrow
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cerulean City, Kanto

[spoiler=Character Description]
Quentin Sparrow is large for a young man his age. At six and a half feet (1.9m), tall doesn't describe him accurately. He's an athlete through and through. His body has been toned from head to toe. He's very proud of the biceps, triceps, and deltoids he's shaped over the last decade. More often than not, he can be spotted wearing a form of tank top that varies in color (from black to white and every color in between) with running shorts that match, and appropriate footwear.

He wears square-framed glasses that adjust to the lighting in his location. They are made from the hardened shed skin of a family Steelix and coated in a special water and sweat absorbing lubricant to make them nearly indestructible and easy to see through in most weather conditions.

He also wears a single black sweatband around his right wrist; a gift from his late grandfather. It is stitched with the Sparrow Family Crest, which resembles their first three Pokemon in a heated battle. Those Pokemon are Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Hitmontop.




The Sparrow Family, Quentin included, have a most their history in Cerulean City.  Dating back some six decades, they were present at the time that Cerulean City Gym first had its ground broken and prepared.  Pokemon had been apart of their world for a long time and the Sparrow Family had shared their lives with Pokemon for as long as they had lived in Cerulean City.


The Sparrow's weren't always a group of dedicated athletes.  In fact, their business was much more  It dates back to Floyd Sparrow, Quentin's grandfather.  Floyd Sparrow was a carpenter and a contractor, having had a hand in the raising of Cerulean City's Gym.  Floyd's family hailed from across the western seas, in the region Johto, from a small town called Azalea Town.  Shortly after relocating to Cerulean City, Floyd captured his first Pokemon:  a Tyrogue.  With Tyrogue's help, Floyd founded Sparrow Construction and made his living in the Kanto Region, traveling to and from its many cities and helping to develop the land.  He even managed to find love to the fair and beautiful Lilith Warren-Sparrow.  Tyrogue would later evolve into Hitmontop over the course of Floyd's journey with Lilith's help.


Floyd's business went under some thirty-five years after it had been started.  With the abundance of Pokemon and help of their labor, there was no need for a contractor.  Thankfully, Floyd's son and Quentin's father, Mark Sparrow, was a promising athlete.  Mark Sparrow studied medicine, using his scholarships as a track star, to dive into the world as a Sports Medicine and Pokemon Physician.


Mark took on his father's own adventurous and bold lifestyle shortly after starting college.  Mark had resisted the life of a Pokemon trainer up until the point he had become a sophomore in college.  Returning home for the holidays, Mark stumbled into the deep, damp caverns of Cerulean Cave.  Inside, Mark found a Pokemon hammering away at the stone walls of Cerulean Cave, with fierce, swift punches.  Mark observed the Pokemon for a while, thinking himself unnoticed.  Mark snuck closer to the Pokemon to get a better look at its technique.  This Pokemon was clearly a tough contester and intrigued Mark with the way it was able to precisely strike the surface of Cerulean Cave in the exact same spot, over and over again.  This Pokemon was Hitmonchan.


Mark would go on to befriend the Hitmonchan, visiting it and studying its punches, movements, and abilities during his month home.  After three weeks, he worked up the courage to approach the Hitmonchan full on and even managed to capture it with little struggle.




Mark's time in college studying led him to his sweetheart and Quentin's mother, Natasha James-Sparrow.  Natasha was a studying nurse, having met Mark in one of their shared anatomy classes. She had been studying to become a Pokemon Nurse with the help of her own Pokemon, Hitmonlee.  She was among the top students in her class, and she would use her studies to become a Physical Therapist.


Mark and Natasha together opened a Sports Rehabilitation Facility, called Sparrow Sports Medicine in Saffron City, Kanto, just south of their home in Cerulean City. With the abundance of Pokemon and people visitors alike, the Sparrows opened a friendly sparring and training gym inside of their Sports Rehabilitation Facility (this is not to be mistaken with Saffron City's own Pokemon Gym, and is a much smaller feature of the city in comparison).  Two years later, Quentin entered the scene.  It was on Quentin's birthday that Floyd Sparrow created the family crest with Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Hitmontop.


Quentin's early life consisted of befriending the visiting Pokemon of patients of his parents.  He befriended Pokemon quite quickly, but had a fondness for fighting-types, much like his family.  If he was lucky, he would get to see the Pokemon battle one another right before his very eyes. 


At the age of ten, he captured his first Pokemon and his best friend:  Cappa, the Machop.  Cappa was the closest friend that Quentin had and inspired Quentin to enter the world of sports, like his father.  However, Quentin wasn't interested in running; his passion was for martial arts.  With Cappa's help, Quentin trained his body vigorously, and he has spent his teen years assisting his mother and father in the Sparrow Sparring gym.  Quentin and Cappa are highly dedicated to helping patients (Pokemon and people alike!) to restore and build their bodies up to their maximum potential.  


Quentin's time in the Sparrow Sparring gym has caused him to hunger for his own recognition, instead of piggybacking on his parents' names.  Quentin has now set his eyes on becoming a Pokeathlon star, with Cappa at the front of his team.  He has intensified his own training, and Cappa is as dedicated as Quentin is.




Though Quentin's training and dedication have not wavered these past few years, he does not believe he is ready for the Pokeathlon just yet.  He is waiting for an opportune moment to push himself to new heights with which he and Cappa can go beyond their limits.


Fortunately, opportunity knocked.  Having received an email invitation from MapCo to explore the world, Quentin knew that this was what he and Cappa needed.  "Hear that, Cappa?  We're going on an adventure!" he said excitedly.  Cappa's joyous cry spoke volumes about its feelings toward this news.  This was going to be their breakthrough moment, and Quentin was ready for it.


"Time to take on the world."




[spoiler=Quentin, the Triumphant]

While cheery, Quentin's personality can be a bit overbearing at times.  His years spent in his parents' gym have turned him into a fitness tyrant.  This has caused Quentin to push people away, mostly due to his ignorance of how his pushy behavior has affected other people.  In truth, Quentin is a kind spirit.  Though he is pushy, he means no ill will toward others.  Give him a very obvious and straight up sign that he's being too forward (tell him to back off!), and he'll quickly back down and apologize.


Quentin also isn't the brightest bulb in the ceiling fan.  He's by no means an idiot.  However, he's socially awkward and doesn't understand cues very well.  Tell him what you mean or you may find yourself unable to communicate with the boy.  Dense would be the most accurate way to describe Quentin in a social setting.  


When Quentin is excited, his overbearing nature truly comes to light.  However, you can see the genuine joy in his face and understand how he got this way.  He has a lot of love to give, and he's not shy about it.





[spoiler=Quentin Squadron]


Nickname:  Cappa

Species:  Machop

Gender:  Male

Type:  Fighting

Ability:  Guts

Level:  7


[spoiler=Cappa, the Machop]

Cappa, in terms of appearance, is a slightly unique Machop.  He is taller than average, standing at three and a half feet (1.06m) and weighs approximately seven pounds more than his brethren typically are, coming in at 50 pounds (22kg) (thanks to the bulking training he does with Quentin).  Furthermore, Cappa adorns his own black sweatband on his right wrist, which is also dressed with the Sparrow Family Crest.  Cappa dreams of having his image on the family crest someday in the future.




[spoiler=A Life with Cappa]


Nature:  Jolly


Much like his trainer, Cappa is very adamant about his workout sessions.  It's almost all he knows.  But unlike Quentin, Cappa knows when to stop, slow down, and enjoy life's simple pleasures.  He's taught this to Quentin slowly over time.  Cappa is very friendly toward other Pokemon, but also very competitive.  If he sees an opportunity to start a contest, he just might take it.  


Cappa enjoys sweet and bitter berries as its pleasure snack.  Oran berries are its favorite.




[spoiler=Cappa Combat]



Rock Tomb

Karate Chop

Bulk Up




Held Item:  Oran Berry






10,000 ₽ ( a gift from his parents to start his journey)

Lucky Baseball Cap

A change of clothes

Three days rations


Pokegear Compatible Wireless Earbuds

6 Oran berries

10 Pokeballs

3 Potions

1 Antidote

1 Paralyze Heal

Collapsible Bicycle




Misc:  Quentin loves to listen to heavy metal while he trains.  He even had a custom-made pair of earbuds for Cappa, since they enjoy the same kind of music.


Cappa likes ballet, and wants to learn to utilize it in a form of fighting.  Perhaps he can learn this from another Pokemon?





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[spoiler=Trey & Ollie]


"Righteous! Duuuude that move was siiiick."

Name: Trey Joule

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Hometown: Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh


Trey is a fit, athletic young man who stands at about 5 feet ten inches tall. His long, messy hair is always kept in check by his "lucky" skullcap, emblazoned with a reddish brown number 9 that matches the color of his eyes. Trey's usual outfit consists of a thick, but worn grey jacket over a long sleeve shirt, baggy, but equally durable trousers and a pair of sneakers. When he's in town and has the occasion to though, he's much more fond of showing off his skater style with shoes and graphic tees featuring bands or brands he's fond of. He carries most of his gear in a messenger bag, which like the rest of his wardrobe has seen a fair amount of action. For faster travel he carries with him a small skateboard, which is usually clipped to his bag when he isn't riding it. His manner of speech is... distinctive, to say the least; completely saturated with skater slang, sometimes so thoroughly that people have a bit of trouble understanding what he's saying. 


[spoiler=Personality/Bio]At first glance, Trey appears to be the archetypal skater: fun-loving and competitive, but also very laid back and seemingly not too bright. For the most part, this description is spot-on. Trey is driven by a need to win and prove himself, be it at pokemon battles, skating, or surfing, but he's also a very graceful loser; seemingly unfazed by a defeat and congratulatory when someone gets the better of him. When he's not in his element though (read: not in a situation that has to do with pokemon battle or athletics), he can come off as ignorant, dense, or just plain stupid. Good natured, certainly, but often simply failing to pick up on social cues or not getting puns and jokes.


There's a bit more to Trey than that though. He's actually something of a private person, moreso than one might suspect; often keeping his real emotions hidden behind his breezy attitude, be they positive or negative. This means its actually hard to get close with him, and though he almost always makes a great first impression, he has comparatively few actual friends because of it. He can also be quite unforgiving of his own mistakes, working extra hard to improve his skating and battling style or going out of his way to make up for a perceived slight, sometimes to his own detriment. Trey's also a good deal more intelligent than he appears: he has an excellent memory and is able to learn and master new things very quickly. Its just his social skills that could use some work.


There's no denying that he's passionate about what he loves though, and Trey's few moments of visible intensity are always connected to pokemon battles or skating. He'll get incredibly fired up, even when he's just spectating, and Trey is always the one cheering his friends on the loudest. Each battle with his Cyndaquil is punctuated with cheers and grunts, and win or lose he and Ollie always end a match with a fist bump (even if he has to wait a bit for his pokemon to recover from fainting first). Trey's idol is his cousin and Sunnyshore City's Gym leader: Volkner, with whom he is very close and treats like an older brother. He's also on good terms with Volkner's friend Flint and is very tight with Flint's younger brother Buck, who is close in age to Trey and was his best friend when the two were young.



Nickname: Oliver (Ollie)

Species: Cyndaquil

Gender: Male

Type: Fire

Ability: Blaze

Level: 6



Ollie looks quite typical for his species, though he's a bit leaner and more fit due to spending so much time running around with Trey outside of his pokeball. Unusually, he prefers to walk on his hind legs and only gets on all fours when he needs to run very fast. When ignited his flames are quite large and burn hot, indicating that he's a rather intense fellow.


[spoiler=Personality]Nature: Adamant

Characteristic: Strong Willed


Hatched by Flint roughly around the same time that his brother Buck first got his Baltoy, Ollie was given to Trey partly on a whim and partly to agitate Volkner, who certainly would have preferred that his little cousin start with an electric-type pokemon. At first Trey had trouble reigning in the positively wild young Cynadquil, but after he hit puberty the tables turned and it was Ollie who had a bit of trouble catching up to his trainer. By the time Trey was 14 though, the pair had found their equilibrium, and became inseparable.


Ollie is the Id to Trey's Ego; emphatic about what he wants and every bit as intense as the flames he shoots out from his back. He's as passionate about battles as his trainer is, and prefers to spend most of his time outside of his pokeball so he can be involved in whatever's going on. Like a lot of Fire types, Ollie can be a handful, even for Trey, who's spent nearly every day with him for years. He's gotten much better since he was an infant though, and has picked up parts of his trainer's more mellow attitude. He's also very fond of Tamato berries.


[spoiler=Moves]Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Fury Swipes


Held Item:













Held Item:


[spoiler=Inventory]Pokedollars: 700

Items: Skateboard, Lucky Hat, Poke'Gear




  • Trey's catchphrase is "Righteous!"
  • Trey's parents were killed in a car accident when he was four, and he's been living with his aunt and uncle in Sunnyshore City since.
  • Flint named Ollie "Oliver", but it was Buck who coined the Cyndaquil's nickname, after the first trick Trey perfected on his skateboard.



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[spoiler=The Inquisitive]


Name: Quinton Worth 

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Hometown: Icirrus City, Unova





With a petite frame, and fair skin, Quinton doesn't look very boyish in the slightest.  People that do not know him even tend to assume that he's a girl upon first sight.  His hair is a pale blonde, and tends to be longer than average, not helping him look any more masculine one might add.  His arms and legs are rather slender, and don't hold much trace of muscle.  When out and about, Quinton's favorite outfit tends to be a pair of khaki shorts with a sweater vest tucked into it.  Under the sweater vest, he wears a white collared shirt.  around the color is a rather sloppy tie that he tries to do himself, but tends to mess up.  However, it looks fine when underneath the vest.  






Quinton is a rather calm, reserved, and curious boy who tends to keep to himself.  He loves learning new things, and hopes to one day be a great Pokemon Professor like the esteemed Professors of all the different regions around the world.  While growing up, he was constantly berated for his feminine looks, but never really took it to heart.  He doesn't even tend to correct people if they get his gender wrong.  As a matter of fact, it makes him feel rather good to be compared to girls, as he thinks they're pretty, so that means he must be as well. 


Growing up in Icirrus Town didn't help him break out of his shell either.  The town was incredibly small, as the sound of the large wind turbines drove out all but the most reclusive individuals.  Quinton's parents were meteorologist, and enjoyed the slow nature of the town, as did Quinton.  However, he grew jealous of the other kids his age leaving town to go off on their own adventures.  Quinton had already filled his journals of the Pokemon he had seen around the region, and knew of others, seeing as trainers came to Unova all the time to challenge the region's league.  His favorite type of Pokemon to see were the Ice-Types!  Where Quinton was from, it was big cities and deserts as far as the eye could see, the icy regions being farther North than he was willing to travel alone. 


Quinton had the perfect reason to leave soon enough, as MapCo had sent him a message to join their Trainer Internship Program!  As excited as he had ever been, he agreed to the terms and conditions and headed straight for Johto soon after!  Although he didn't have a partner Pokemon, MapCo had an assortment of starters to choose from, and he knew the exact one he wanted.  A strange specimen that shared a cousin in the Kanto region, a peculiar case of evolution that intrigued him to no end!  




[spoiler=Starter Pokemon]

Nickname: Igy

Species: Sandshrew (Alolan)

Gender: Male

Type: Ice/Steel

Ability: Snow Cloak

Level: 5






Nature: Jolly
Characteristic: Impetuous and Silly
All Sandshrew seems to care about is enjoying himself. He loves, loves, loves to play with other pokemon, dig holes, and generally do anything that doesn't involve sitting still. Naturally this means he can be a bit of a handful, but he's guaranteed to make you laugh and smile, and he's always full of energy. He's also a little chubby for a Sandshrew.


3000 ₽ 
Pokegear w/ Town Map
5 Pokeballs
1 Revive
5 Potions




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[spoiler=I Couldn't Think Of A Good Plant Pun]

“Somebody has to take care of these f- oh, somebody’s said that already? Darn.”

Name: Samuel Cotter

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Hometown: Rustboro City, Hoenn



He’s not particularly tall (unless you think 5’2” is tall), though years of gardening has given him a stockier build (135-ish pounds? It’s been a while since he’s been on a scale) than many his age. The medallion around his neck has an engraved image of Rustboro City, a reminder to keep his home close to him no matter where he’s headed.


Sam is a light packer; he tends to carry everything he needs in a dark purple backpack that’s worn from years of use, which, unless he’s at a super formal event (and sometimes even then) is never further than a few feet away.

[spoiler=Biography:]Leaving home didn’t start as Samuel’s idea. If he’d had his way, he’d stay in Rustboro, work on the same two square yards of dirt for the rest of his life, and maybe help out at Pretty Petal Flower Shop. In his mind, he’d probably maintain a pretty happy existence that way. So when his parents suggested (had the nerve to suggest, more like!) that there might be more to see than one city and its surrounding area, that all the other kids were rushing off to go on grand coming-of-age adventures, and that hey, SilphCo has a perfectly reasonable internship program that seems like the perfect excuse to go exploring not one but two entire regions, maybe that should be something he should consider?


He was in a funk for days, a funk that would dissipate only to flare back up every time his parents nagged him about it. As the deadline for applications loomed, they practically forced him to sit down and submit something, which he was especially bitter about. For a while after that, he’d find himself outright ignoring his family, spending time only in his garden where he could exert even just a little bit more control over things.


It was his older sister, Hailey, who pulled him out of it. Hailey, who had just come back from her own grand adventure, or at least as grand as she could make it. She’d only made it as far as Lilycove, which in the overall scheme of things was a failure, of course, but she still returned with grand stories of life-changing adventures. “Everybody should try a league challenge at least once,” she’d mention to him. “It gives you a new perspective on things. It certainly did for me.”


In a way, Samuel is doing this for her, but he's expecting a lot. Hailey said his life would change for the better, and he doesn't want to be disappointed.

[spoiler=Personality:]Even after getting over the ordeal that was filling out an application (along with all the nagging that came with it), Sam is still of two minds on the actual process of his assignment. On one, he's ready enough to help, like, cartography isn't his passion or anything but it's as good an excuse as any to meet his goal. On the other hand, though, that seems like a whole lot of work. It's not like he's lazy -- in fact, one of his “few” (read: “many”) pet peeves is being called lazy -- it's just that a trek like this seems like it has a lot of things that could go wrong.


That's the thing about Samuel. He's very much a fair-weather sort of person. In good times, or even bad times where he feels in control of the situation, he's a range of positive emotions all the way up to exuberantly happy-go-lucky. But when things go bad, don't meet his expectations, and/or he stubbornly refuses to admit he made a mistake, his grumpiness tends to consume his entire day.


Interacting with Sam, therefore, can occasionally be an ordeal. He's not an “If you can't accept me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best” sort of person; he's at least self-aware enough for that. Like, he understands why people avoid him sometimes, even if that doesn't do much to alleviate those moods. He's perfectly personable when he's not moody, at least, and again, as long as things continue to go right, that’s all he’ll ever be.

[spoiler=Team:][spoiler=Honeydew (Budew)]Nickname: Honeydew

Species: Budew

Gender: Female

Type: Grass / Poison

Ability: Natural Cure

Level: 5



Budew stand 8 inches tall and weigh 2.6 pounds on average, and Honeydew is no exception.

[spoiler=Personality:]Nature: Gentle

Characteristic: Alert to Sounds

A mild-mannered, kind-hearted flower child, Budew loves nothing more than to relax in the sun with friends. She's caring, attentive, and doesn't seem to be too enthused about battle, though she'll obey her trainer's commands nonetheless. Budew is what's known as a "Shiny" pokemon, meaning her coloration is different from a normal member of her species, and she appears to sparkle whenever released from her Pokéball. She's been known to use this to get attention from others.

Moves: Absorb, Growth, Synthesis

Held Item: None


Inventory: Pokégear, miscellaneous berries (never the one he needs of course), gardening gloves, trowel, wailmer pail, ₽200


"Sam" is okay, but never "Sammy"

Story: Rumspringa


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Name: Creedence Akeley


Age: 17


Gender: Male


Hometown: Ecruteak City, Johto




Creedence stands at 5’8”, with a thin build due to a habit of not eating in lieu of continuing his reading. His normal expression is of neutral indifference, often staring off into space. His hair is pink, something that he’s somewhat embarrassed by, which he usually hides under various beanies or hats. His glasses are specially made to be nearly unbreakable, something he made sure of after losing his glasses while exploring and having to spend the whole night stumbling home.



Creedence is adventurous and has a taste for strange stories and legends. As a child, he spend countless hours after school exploring the ruins of the Burned Tower, hoping to find ghosts or ancient undiscovered writings left by the founders of the city. He considers himself a writer and an amateur anthropologist, taking notes on anything that peaks his interest for material for future writings.


Creedence has what he describes as a “dark temptation”. While he is not particularly religious or superstitious, he still feels drawn to explore things which many people prefer not to think about. Picturesque tales of cults that sacrifice humans and Pokemon alike particularly appeal to Creedence. While he enjoys hearing such tales and seeks out their origin, he rarely ever thinks of the consequences of finding the truth. 


When MapCo’s offer for an all expenses paid trip around the world, Creedence jumped at the chance despite the disapproval of his parents. Creedence, refusing to stay and tend to the family’s restaurant, disappeared with his stalwart companion Howard in the night.


[spoiler=Starting Pokemon]


Nickname: Howard


Species: Bronzor


Gender: Genderless


Type: Steel/Psychic


Ability: Levitate


Level: 5




Howard is an otherwise normal Bronzor, save for the crest on its back. The crest on Howard’s back is simply the branch, without the leaves that are normally featured.



Howard was presented to Creedence as a gift from his anthropologist uncle, whose Bronzong helped keep him safe from aggressive Pokemon as he explored old ruins in Hoenn’s deserts. Creedence named the Bronzor after one of his favorite writers who inspired him to become a writer himself. 


Like its predecessor, Howard is adventurous and headstrong, often taking the lead when they go exploring old temples and ruins with Creedence, using its naturally bright eyes to illuminate the path forward. When presented with an obstacle that they cannot simply Levitate over, they will stubbornly attempt to break through with brute force, much to Creedence’s chagrin.





Light Screen



Held Item:



Howard, Bronzor





Various Notebooks, Notepads and Stationery

LED Flashlight

Rations for 1 day

Steel Water Bottle

Escape Rope

500 Poke


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[spoiler=That Guy] 

"That wasn't even that cool. Watch this!"



Name: Chad Griffith

Age: 16
Gender: Defiantly male.

Hometown: Ambrette Town, Kalos



HEIGHT: 5'7"



Chad could not have been more aptly named: he’s arrogant, boisterous, and won’t hesitate to belittle any accomplishments except his own. He’s also dangerously competitive; he has to be the best at whatever it is that he’s doing, or at the very least convince other people that he’s the best, otherwise what’s even the point of doing it in the first place? He can sometimes be very cruel with how he goes about achieving this. If you actually dare to be better than him at something, he will relentlessly bad mouth you to anyone who will listen. He’ll constantly attempt to spite you, and will pursue you and keep trying to one-up you until he eventually succeeds, at which point he’ll rub your nose in it and do his best to crush your spirit so that you never come back for seconds.


Born in raised in Ambrette Town, Chad’s need to be the best was probably caused by his twin sister, Emily. From the time they could walk she was extremely intelligent; their parents, both scientists who worked for the Fossil Resurrection Facility, showered her in praise and bragged about her constantly. Meanwhile Chad, well… he’s not very smart, at least not by the standards of his family. He’s a gifted athlete and was the only person able to get his future partner, Rex, to calm down after he was revived, but those weren’t the sort of abilities his parents took note of.


He’s not all bad though. A bit cruel? Yeah. A bully? Definitely. Evil? Not really. He doesn’t like to see Pokémon treated poorly, and he worships the ground Rex stomps on, showering the spoiled Tyrunt in treats and poffins whenever he can afford them. He also hates to see people cry or get emotional. He hasn’t really figured out a good response to people in distress so he prefers to avoid them altogether.


[spoiler=Rex the Tyrunt]


Nickname: Rex
Species: Tyrunt
Gender: Male
Type: Rock / Dragon
Ability: Big Jaws
Level: 7
[spoiler=Description:] Rex is 2’07” (0.8 M) and 57.3 LBS (26.0 KG), which is predicted to have been average for his species


Nature: Naughty


Characteristic: Proud of his power.



Moveset: Tackle, Tail Whip, Roar

Held Item: Oran Berry






1000 ₽
5 Pokeballs
5 Potions

1 Escape Rope

Running Shoes




I lied. Accepted or not I made it because I got bored lol. 

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