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[Written] Superdreadnought Aerial Support Grand Messerschmitt


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Superdreadnought Aerial Support Grand Messerschmitt
Rank 10 WIND
Machine/XYZ/ Effect
2 Level 10 Monsters
(This card is always treated as an EARTH monster.)
Once per turn (Quick Effect): You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; send 1 monster your opponent controls to the GY.

Since Trains have XYZ monsters for both land and sea, I thought they’d appreciate some air support. The name Messerschmitt was based the largest German plane used in WW2.

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This might be getting technical, but aren't the Skypalace Xyzs  ( Skypalace Gangaridai and CXYZ Skypalace Babylon ) the flying machines of the rank 10 line-up? 


Either way, the card is pretty solid for what it does. Only requires 2 level 10 monsters, and while having it be originally wind attribute even though it's always treated as earth attribute monster isn't the most essential thing, it does give the card more synergy with the train support cards.


It's a pretty strong removal option ( a straight upgrade over gangaridai interesting enough, even though it doesn't do any burn damage ) but has a bit of balance in that it doesn't have any protection to it. Kaijus out it, raigeki / dark hole / slumber out it, anything like that.


The fact that is doesn't target might make it a bit too strong, given that the current best quick removal for trains that is consistent would be detaching derricrane from super dora and having the derricrane pop something on the opponent's turn. That does target though, making this better from that perspective. Given that derricrane targets ANY card on the field, not just monsters, makes it arguably better by comparison. 


Being able to use it as xyz material for Liebe is interesting though, as you can send something with this effect, upgrade into Liebe and do a ton of damage to your opponent afterwards. Whether or not that's better or worse than using gustav max + derricrane is debatable though. 


TLDR: card's good ( naturally ), maybe a little too good since it's generic and doesn't target 

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