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Images deleted



Hi, I'm sorry if this has already been addressed because I couldn't find a thread, but it seems all my cards no longer have their images (I tried on multiple devices and it's the same for all of them)...were the uploaded images in your servers erased? 


Thanks! And again, sorry if this is a repeat post!

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Pictures no longer upload properly and render as white space.


(Known issue as of mid-November 2017)


We're aware of this issue, though at this time, we do not know WHEN it got started. Looking over where the images are being stored, it appears that it is no longer working / in use.


This error applies only towards uploaded pictures from your desktop. Getting the URL from images online still works (except for Pixiv and some other areas; you'll need to rehost the pics on Imgur or something). 


NOTE: This is connected to registered members, as the picture is uploaded to a folder correlated to your account. Guests can upload regularly.



Better answer than I could ever give. No worries about missing it, the FAQ is a pain to work through.

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Try the new card maker if you want your cards to be less buggy and look nicer! It doesn't have an online database, but it allows you to download your cards as .json files as well as images so you can store them on your computer instead.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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