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Etherial Monsters

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So this is a type of monsters that I thought of (and kinda burrowed from MTG). You all know of Pendulum monsters that are treated as Spells while in their zone, or Traps that special summon themselves as Monsters, but have you ever thought of a Monster that can also be neither a Monster nor a Trap nor a Spell? Well, here's an unwanted answer for an unasked question. And with pleasure, I introduce to you, Etherial Monsters.



The Creation



It was a couple days ago when I first asked to myself: "Why do Gemini Monsters have to be Normal Monsters until summoned again? Can't they do something else?". After that I went to one of my friends' house and played FFA MTG Commander with him and other two people and, when one of them summoned Erebos, God of the Dead, I realized what I was looking for. 




The Mechanics




-First of all, what are they? Well, they work in the same way as Toon, Spirit, Union, Gemini, and Flip,   because "Etherial" is an Ability, not a Type of card. 


-They are summoned in their Etherial Form (like Geminis are summoned as Normal Monsters) unless a card states otherwise and, unless heir effect states so, they can't be reverted to it after they exit it.


-They have the ability of not being a specific Kind of card until a specific condition is reached and can't attack or be attacked while in their "Etherial Form", but their effects are still active (unless specifically stated) and can be affected by card effects (that affect every card or a generic card).


-They have no ATK, DEF and Level values when in this form, but their position can be changed.




[spoiler=Example]Deepspace Horror
Level 8
2900 ATK/ 2700 DEF
This card is in its Eherial Form until you control more than 5 other face-up cards, including a Field Spell. Once per turn: You can discard a card, then destroy one card on the field. you can activate this effect of "Deepspace Horror" only once per turn. If this card is in its Etherial Form, negate the following effect: If this card is the only card on your side of the field, it can't be destroyed by battle or by card effects.




As always, criticism is always accepted.

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