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slay the spire cards i guess


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i love slay the spire and yugioh so i decided to combine them and start to make slay the spire based cards and decided to start with the spire itself as a field spell.


The Spire


type:field spell

effect: When Activated add one "Spire Climber" card to your hand from your deck. All "Spire Climber" cards gain 300 atk/def. All "Spire Climber" cards gain one Relic Counter during each of your standby phases. If this card would be removed from the field detach one Relic Counter from a card on the field instead. When this card is removed from the field due to the effect of an opponents card effect or the effect of the "Ruby," "Sapphire," and "Emerald" keys summon one Spires Heart from your hand, deck, grave, or banished zone ignoring summoning conditions and make its atk/def 3000 and negate its effects until the end phase of the turn that it was summoned this way.


and thats it i hope it sounds good and image is the spire itself from a distance

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