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Deleting a Butt-Load of Cards



So, I haven't used this site in years and I want to get back into making cards, but going into my old files on the original Card Maker I found a lot of cards I want to get rid of (some cringe Sonic sheet, if you catch me). I was wondering if there's some way to delete an entire folder of cards or maybe just reset my Card Maker library? I could start a new account, I guess.

Just thought I'd ask.


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As far as I know of, there is no "quick" way to delete cards from the Original Card Maker, so I guess you are at a loss there. However, that is another reason to use the New Card Maker, not only providing you with the latest card templates and such, but since the cards save on the computer itself, it is a much more efficient process for deleting unwanted cards. If you are on a portable device or weaker computer, I am not sure if this is an option, but you could always, if you really don't want to take the time to delete all of your unwanted cards, save your new cards to a specific set, so you may always know which cards you still use and which you don't.

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