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Spellbound Silence!

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So, I was trying to see if there was any way I could use some of my favorite monsters ever, the "Silent" archetype. While i couldn't find a use for the Silent Swordsman line (RIP ;-;), I found out that Spellbooks and the Silent Magician line work pretty well together. So, here is what I came up with:


[spoiler=Spellbound Silence]

1 "World of Prophecy"

1 "Silent Magician LV 8"

1 "High Priestess of Prophecy"

3 "Performage Hat Tricker"

3 "Silent Magician"

3 "Spellbook Magician of Prophecy"

3 "Temperance of Prophecy"


3 "Spellbook of Knowledge"

3 "Spellbook of Power"

3 "Spellbook of Secrets"

3 "Spellbook Star Hall"

2 "Spellbook of the Master"

2 "Spellbook of Wisdom"

2 "Spellbook of Fate"

2 "The Grand Spellbook Tower"

1 "Spellbook of Eternity"

1 "Spellbook of Life"


3 "Solemn Strike"




I don't have an extra deck for them yet tho, and I was wondering if u all could help with suggestions for the extra deck. Also, I would like for u to leave a review for this deck, and also let me know if u know of a deck that Silent Swordsman would thrive in. 


This is Raven Evalon, signing out~

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IDK how Spellbooks function nowadays so can't say much about about that side, However, you can support Silent Magician by milling Silent Burning with Foolish Burial Goods, and then use the in-GY search effect of the Spell. Also, hand traps and Called by the Grave are welcomed for higher tier play, but since this is IRL I assume they are not as easy to come by.

If you run Hat Tricker, Damagejuggler may be handy for grabbing it. Then again, you don't run Foolish Burial nor mill support to get it in the GY.


As for decks that can run Silent Swordsman, IMO HEROes and Goukis are good bets, since they should be able to easily get an extra Warrior on board to be Tributed for Swordsman. IDK if such variant would be at the level of the standard builds, though.

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