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Thunder Dragons are fair and balanced


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Solar + Hawk is literally a 2 card combo for double Colossus + Titan with a Matrix search. 


[spoiler=Combo Guide] Step 1: Normal summon Solar, use his effect to send Roar from the deck to the GY. 

Step 2: Use Hawk effect in hand to bring back the Roar from the GY. 

Step 3: Use Solar's second effect to generate a token ( thunder type ). 

Step 4: Use the token and Roar for the Summer Summoner. 

Step 5: Use Roar's effect to summon Dark from the deck. 

Step 6: Since you've used a thunder monster's effect in the hand, send Dark to the GY to summon Colossus. 

Step 7: Use Dark's effect to search Matrix from the deck. 

Step 8: Use Solar to summon another colossus. 

Step 9: Use one of the Colossus + Matrix in the hand to summon a Titan. 

Step 10: Use Matrix's effect to search another Matrix. 

Step 11: Use Summer Summoner to summon another Colossus. 



You don't always draw the combo, but when you do, it's pretty insane. 

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