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My Time At The Movies Today


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I went to the movies today, had a pretty good time there. I got to see Mary Poppins Returns ( it's a great movie, would definitely recommend ), and I got to eat a large popcorn with a large soda ( Mountain Dew ). Good stuff, good stuff. 


[spoiler=While I was there though, I saw this movie poster]


( not my picture btw ) 




This is actually terrifying, seriously WHAT WAS SEGA THINKING????? 


Why must sonic be a live action movie? Why couldn't they make the movie like the Looney Tunes Movie Back In Action? ( Real characters, but the cartoon characters are still drawn as cartoons, interacting with the real world. 


At least it will happen in November of next year, giving us a good amount of time to prepare for it. 



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Why must sonic be a live action movie?

Because the latest sensation sweeping the film industry is making live-action films of things that have no business being live-action (Detective Pikachu gets a pass tho). It's probably Disney's fault.

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