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[OTK-Enabler] Ultimate Counter


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Gold Rare and Alternative Golden Foiling:


gnq5Ts4.png 5vL0ciM.png


Name: Ultimate Counter

Card type: Counter Trap Card


When an opponent's monster with more than 3000 ATK or DEF is Summoned: Pay half your LP, Discard your hand (min.1), Tribute all cards you control (min. 1) and banish your Extra Deck (min. 1) face-down; negate the Summon and if you do, your opponent loses 1000 LP for each banished card, 500 LP for each card in both players' GY and 250 LP for each End Phase which have taken place since the start of the 2nd turn.


Sincerely, the number of typos on this card is astronomical. I'm glad that YGOPro prefers smaller images otherwise it would bother me too much during a game. Also, I don't believe that the card is broken, it's just that it would most probably end the duel if one manages to activate this card and that's why I think some would think this is OP.

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