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presedentail election for my dnd game (role-play exercise) feel free to vote


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so I have decided to run a presidential election campaign in my campaign because of my players wanting one of the NPC candidates to be president so as a role play exercise if you were an adventurer in my game who would you vote for

captain awesome(human superhero, Superman/Captain America type) the rising star of the justice (promises to bring any form of justice he can to the corrupt and to hold up the little man), 

executive leader Jim of blast them corp (corrupt wall street type) who promises tax benefits to mega corporations and will make equipment cheaper for all the guilds and adventures. 

senator Nekunri Kegbraid (dwarf who is like the archbishop) who promises to lower the costs of divine services by adopting more worshippers in the Coalition of light 

senator of military affairs grog(threatens people in the Senate with chairs and is like a trump in a way) he will increase the war effort against the empire and provide chairs for everyone's convenience 

little info about the campaign; there is a war going on against the empire and republic and the party is working for a guild to help with jobs the republic can't help with. if any other questions feel free to ask 


don't know how to add a poll so feel free to vote in the comments :)  

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