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(Secret anime Santa 2k19) Its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new anime


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Hewwo its me if you dont know me im Aez and im gonna dole out some anime for ya. Well, kinda. Welcome to the 2k19 anime secret santa, where anime and merryment are nigh guaranteed.


Da Rulez


1. Its a secret so no tellin or I'll pee on your ghost rares and waifu pillows


2. Please be timely with your gifts, express postage is expensive even in cyberspace


3. Anime is a gift, and therefore shall be treated as such. No gag gifts or gross-outs.


3.5. Be open minded with your recieved gift, even if it seems a lil out there. This function is all about finding something new, so feel free to get weird with it.


4. Dont be illegal, if we cant watch it on crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu etc plz no gifta that




Step 1: write a post here expressing your interest and taste in anime, including a previously watched list, any preferred genres, and a no no list of things you don't wanna see (be mindful of too many restrictions, makes gift shopping harder). Optional inclusions such as your availbe streaming services and episode count caps are advised but not mandatory.


Step 2: Once you've recieved a giftee, go shopping and find something nice for them. Tell me (in a DM private meqsage whatever)what it is and I'll go and wrap it up real nice. Remember, no telling.


Step 3: Once anime santa comes to you, enjoy your gift. Revel in it. And if you're feeling up to it, post your thoughts here, either over all once you've finished or bit by bit as you go.


Step 4: After the secrets get out, feel free to discuss your gifts with your giftee or something of that sort. This step is v optional but i think its fun.




Sign Up Cutoff: May 9th, 2019 (subject to change if the name hat feels light)


Gift Shopping Cutoff: May 20th, 2019 a little over a week to get the anime to me seems fair (subject to change depending on signup cutoff).


Secrets Out: 20 days after gifts go out. This ones a bit dependant on y'all, but the latest it'll happen is June 9th, 2019.


There we go, that shoukd about cover it for now. If theres any questions feel free to ask~

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