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Salamangreats ( Wisconsin Regional )

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This is the deck I took to my very first regional today! I had a good time there, even though it didn't feel too good when I lost. I ended up going 3-1-4 over the course of 8 rounds. I'm definitely considering looking into investing into Cynet Minings after this experience. The extra search power definitely would have helped in some of those losing rounds. I decided to add in a foolish burial for a little extra bit of consistency, which came in handy throughout the day for sending combo pieces. 



Main Deck ( 41 ) 


3x Salamangreat Gazelle 

3x Salamangreat Spinny 

3x Salamangreat Foxy 

1x Salamangreat Jack Jaguar 

1x Salamangreat Falco 

1x Salamangreat Fowl 

1x Lady Debug 

3x Flame Bufferlo 

2x Backup Secretary 

3x Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring 

3x Effect Veiler 


3x Salamangreat Circle 

1x Salamangreat Sanctuary 

1x Will of the Salamangreat 

1 Salamangreat Recurrence 

1x Fusion of Fire 

3x Called by the Grave

1x Foolish Burial 


1x Salamangreat Rage 

2x Salamangreat Roar 

2x Solemn Strike 

1x Solemn Judgement 


Extra Deck 


3x Salamangreat Balelynx 

3x Salamangreat Sunlight Wolf 

2x Salamangreat Heatleo 

1x Salamangreat Miragestallio 

1x Salamangreat Violet Chimera 

1x Hitia the Fire Charmer, Ablaze 

1x Knightmare Phoenix 

1x Knightmare Unicorn 

1x Saryuja Skull Dread 

1x Borreload Dragon 


Side Deck 


3x Dinowrestler Pankratops ( I added this for general going second matchups ) 

3x Droll and Lock Bird ( I added this specifically to counter Dangers ( thunder dragons variants mainly ), and any other deck that seemed to be reliant on searching a lot if it came up ). 

2x Super Polymerization ( I added this for the mirror and for Thunder dragons ( guardragons as well ), to help with going second ). 

1x Starving Venom Fusion Dragon ( I added this for a good Super Poly target ) 

3x Twin Twisters ( I added this to counter Mystic Mine specifically, along with other miscellaneous backrow decks like Sky Strikers and Altergeists ) 

3x Evenly Matched ( I added this to counter big boards when going second, specifically Danger Thunder Dragons ). 


[spoiler=Round By Round]

Round 1 ( Thunder dragon danger? ) ( 2-0 ) 


This round was pretty quick. I had the full combo each game, and was able to keep my opponent locked out. 


Round 2 ( The mirror ) ( 1-1 ) 


My only draw the entire day. The mistake I made was simple, but looking back on it, it was a pretty big error. Time on the round was about to be called, and I wasn't quite sure on how I wanted to go about making my plans. I eventually ended on a Borreload Dragon, and would have had game if I attacked the right monster ( my opponent controlled a Transcode Talker, a Thanos Dragon, and a Sunlight Wolf ). I used Borreload to steal the Code Talker, and then decreased the Thanos Dragon by 500 to attack over it with the stolen Code Talker. After I did that, time was called, and I realized my mistake. If I attacked the Sunlight Wolf, I would have had the life point lead to win in time, but since I attacked the wrong monster, I lost in time, making the match a draw in game 2. 


Round 3 ( The mirror again ) ( 1-2 ) 


This round took a while. I won game 1 relatively easily ( I bricked combo-wise, but I had enough stun cards to stay in the game ), but I wasn't able to win games 2 and 3. 


Round 4 ( Crusadia Guardragons ) ( 1-2 ) 


Game 1 I was able to control the board with relative ease. Game 2 however, he was able to get a full combo off on me, which ended up with him having a Crystal Wing, a Jinzo, a Krystia, and a Gameciel on the board all at the same time. I just looked at my hand, and put it on top of the deck after that. Game 3, I opened well, but he opened even better. I lost that one, but it was a pretty close game. 


Round 5 ( Pendulum Magicians / Endymions ) ( 2-0 ) 


I went first, and was able to control the duel without much problem ( having opened pretty well ). Game 2, while not too difficult, caught me off guard for a moment, as my opponent activated Gravekeeper's Commandant in hand to search out Necrovalley. It made me nervous for a hot second, as Salamangreats have a lot of GY related effects, but thankfully, I had hard drawn the Rage, and just destroyed it on the next turn. 


Round 6 ( True Draco ) ( 1-2 ) 


Floodgates and repeated field destruction made this matchup hard. 


Round 7 ( True Draco again ) ( 1-2 ) 


The last thing you expect when going first game 2 ( after losing game 1 ) is for your opponent to hit you with a sphere mode, and then follow that up with an evenly matched. I lost in time, despite the neat ability for Foxy to remove floodgates ( when you get summon limited with less than a minute left in time, it kinda stinks ). 


Round 8 ( Pure Crusadia ) ( 2-0 ) 


This matchup was interesting. I wasn't expecting this to be a pure build, but it was. Despite how easy this matchup might seem on the surface, there were a good amount of surprises in it. Crusadia testament, namely. He got a combo off where he was able to draw 4 cards with it. That and he was able to fusion summon the Guardragon fusion monster using the new world legacy fusion spell, which was a surprise to see brought out in such a manner. In the end though, with all of the GY recursion of Salamangreats, I was able to keep in the game, and come out on top. 




TLDR: Despite not accomplishing my initial goal of winning more than I lost, I still had a good time at that regional. Afterwards, I was able to get a burger with a big thing of chips and a Sprecher root beer, which was pretty delicious. Would definitely do again sometime ( preferably with Cynet Minings ). 

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