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I'm spiritomb8 and I make Yugioh cards as a hobby.

The cards I make are based of Subnautica, they carry the Archtypes 'Subnautic' & 'Leviathan'.

The 'Leviathan' Archtype focusses on bombarding the opponent with negative affects while also being immune to certain card effects. (depends on the Levi-card)

One of the effects for the Levi-cards is: Can't engage in battle during your turn but using the opponent'c cards ATK instead. (Not a direct card quote)

The 'Subnautic' Archtype focusses on bombarding effects at the opponent.

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lol, you probably won't believe me since I placed that pic, but I hate Dyna/Gigantamax as well, I just thought you'd like it due to your username, but failed. Also, there's a list of 10+ reasons I can think of why Gigantamax is not a clone of Mega Evo, but this isn't the right place to chat about that, so I'll simply say again welcome to YCM. And deleting the pic for your comfort xD.

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