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Halloween Masq of 2020!

Ember McLain

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As the last surviving Monster of YCM, I'm honored to host the Halloween Masquerade of 2020!!

Now some of you may be asking yourself...

"iS sHe AlLoWeD tO dO tHaT???"

To which I say... I'm Ember Fuckin' McLain! I do whatever the hell I feel like until some half-ghost admin comes to throw me back into the Ghost Zone. Which won't happen! How do I know? Because now more than other, you need a monster. One to bring back the spirit of Hallow's Eve and throw YCM into chaos. One to give you all a show. Now the rules here are gonna be a little different, since I'm not a Super Monster or whatever, I lack the power needed to host some sort of competition of figuring out who's who. You all should already know who I am anyways. (Ember McLain, duh) So because of that, we'll instead be hosting a month long (or what is left of it) competition. In the spirit of of this website, make an homage to your favorite monster! (Which is totally me, right? RIGHT?) The judges will be Ember McLain and... that's it. Because all you need is me, baby!



  • You can submit anything you want! Custom cards, poems, artworks, you name it!
  • Make sure whatever you submit has no graphic gore or nudity
  • Post it somewhere, ANYWHERE WHERE IT IS APPROPRIATE, on the website and tag me, Ember McLain. (Remember my name)
  • As far as prizes go, money is a no-go and, as said before, I lack a lot of meaningful power over the site. Blame Cowcow. (I told him, like, twice to mod me but noooo) However... there WILL be a prize. Just as you are making homages to your favorite monsters, your favorite monster will make an homage to you! That's right, I'll make you something from the deepest part of my un-beating heart.
  • Deadline is Midnight CST, OCT. 31. The winner will be announced Hallow's Eve. 


Will this be a bust? Only time will tell. Happy Halloween... 'til the Witch's Bell. ❤️

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