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Playing Customs on Project Ignis


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Hello there fellow Custom Card nerds,

since Duelingbook lags its heart out and 3 out of 4 duels end in a disconnect or quit recenty, I'm looking for people to duel on Project Ignis. It is possible to play via LAN  if both players have the custom card data in their expansions folder. Also a LAN can be emulated by using the freeware Hamachi. So whoever is interested in playing with me, download the zip file(s), put them into your expansions folder (without unzipping) and join my hamachi network to play with me. I'm currently considering if I should start a contest to script the winner's cards for Ignis btw, tell me if you are interested. If you got your own archetype scripted, please upload the expansion pack here.

Hamachi network
id: custom_yugioh
pass: ygo

Alternative (if the Hamachi network is full, we should switch to this)
ZeroTier network
id: 17d709436c51a2a0

Available expansions

  • Earthraiser Archetype (using card ids 32100001 - 32100010)
  • Recurring Fader Archetype (using card ids 220000001 - 220000011)
     Recurring Fader.zip
  • Damned Gods Archetype (using card ids 210000400 - 210000406)
     Damned Gods.zip
  • Vague Relief Archetype (using card ids 210000100 - 210000106)
     Vague Relief.zip

Kind regards,

PS: I was about to make this a status, but I feel like it should be more accessable. I hope this is the correct forum for this.

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