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You can pay half of your LP (Min 2000) to activate this card from your hand. Players cannot special summon non-Xyz monster except during the turn he/she Set a monster. Players can Set Level 5 or higher monster without tribute. If you control "Medolis, Immortal Liars", negate the effects of non-Xyx monster field other than its flip effects.



Must be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck during your Main Phase while you control "Medolis Mischief" and cannot be Special Summoned in other ways. if there no face-up "Medolis Mischief", Destroy this card. Whenever a Player Set a monster: his/her opponent can call that monster Level by declare a number from 1 through 12 and then change that monster to face-up defense position, based on either right or wrong that call apply the following effect.● Right: owner of that monster return that monster to his/her hand ● Wrong: owner of that monster can attach his/her monster to this card then his/her opponent shuffle cards from hand and/or GY equal to double the amount of Xyz Material on this card +1

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