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[Custom Artwork] Jet-Fuel Warrior | PAJ


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You can also download this art from the original DeviantArt post (click on the downward arrow directly beneath the image).


Credits are not necessary, but very much appreciated. Please do not redistribute/re-upload/rip. 
I used this artwork from Duel Masters and felt it fitting to turn it into a "Warrior" Synchro.
I wanted to go for a more ambiguous design, similar to what I did with the Blackland Metaphys Dragon art. You can (kinda) interpret this card as a "Warrior" Synchro to the following "Synchrons": Mono Synchron, Bri Synchron, Unknown Synchron, Changer Synchron, Hyper Synchron (maybe?), Formula Synchron (also maybe?).
You can also interpret this as a totally new "Warrior", a "Junk" monster, or even a "T.G." monster. 
Konami, WoTC, Google Images
✦ I have a card/content suggestion box! You can access the link to the suggestion box from this post. Please read rules/clarifications before submitting your suggestion. ✦

Do not use for commercial use.

Hope you all have fun with it!
Feel free to use for your custom cards.
Share what you make with it in the comments below!

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