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Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! has been found dead - Rest In Peace


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Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh! has been found dead. This hits like a brick, as I have been a fan and a player of the game for a long long time. He has created more joy for me than I could even begin to share, and while I know he wasn't the only one, without him there wouldn't have been such a strong and dedicated community, from kids to adults, boy and girls, no matter who you were, everyone was able to enjoy this series, and while no franchise as big as this will be the same, his influence was always there, and the impact will be felted by thousands upon thousands of people


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15 hours ago, slifer the sky magician said:

this saddens me as i am an ocg player of the game i hope the yu-gi-oh legacy will go on


He hasn't been too involved in the game in a while. He even said in an interview I saw posted after his passing, that he thought the game was too complicated after 5D's and didn't play it anymore.


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He may have died trying to save drowning swimmers. It took a while for that story update to come out. It was a little unexpected to me. I thought he was just trying to do something fun in life after having accomplished playing the first and most important role in the creation of a large card game and media franchise like Yugioh.

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The fact that he died while attempting to save someone else speaks volumes to his character, and shows that he was a true hero. A real hero isn't someone who does something because it's easy or safe, but because it's the right thing to do. Thank you again, Kazuki Takahashi, and rest in peace. I honestly get choked up every time I think about it still.

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