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Extra Deck Ritual Support


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Contests have been pretty baren lately, so how about we spice things up!


Theme: Monsters summoned from the extra deck that act as support for Ritual Monsters!


Theme- 10 points

Balance- 7 points

Originality- 5 points 

Art- 5 points

Grammer- 3 points


Total 35 points


For now, I'm gaging interest, and if at least 3 people participate, the top prize is a five-card mini archetype from a short description.


Deadline would be August 17th


I'm interested in having a co-judge responsible for half the points in each category, Message me if interested!

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20 hours ago, JairoLeyn100 said:

Are there any limits? Any rules? Like... I don´t know. Can they be related to any existing Archetype? Or do they have to be Staples or something like that?

I'm asking this because this would be similar to how "Drytron Mu-Beta Fafnir" works.

Other than the aforementioned rules anything goes. Mu-Beta Fafnir would fit this well.

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