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Nyluk, Powergraft Prophet

Abigail Sunblade

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A deck I have been playing a fair bit is an Enchantment Creature based deck, that also likes to create tokens, so here is a card that does stuff with that, making you able to creature a copy of any enchantment you play.


Ward 2
When you take damage from an opponent’s source, you can pay X. Create X white, blue and black 2/2 Weird enchantment creature token”. It has “when you cast an enchantment spell, you may sacrifice this creature. If you do, create a copy of that enchantment.”

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44 minutes ago, DifferentDimensionVanessa said:

"Weird enchantment creature" from this card text is how a yugioh player sees anything from MtG

This. I am fairly decent at MtG and Pokemon but honestly learned YGO first. So this is fairly accurate.

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