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Macro Burn

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Sometimes im just too good-


Monsters: 12

3x Shadow Preistess of Ohm

3x D.D. Survivor

3x Scout Plane

3x Phantom Skyblaster


Spells: 16

3x Fires of Doomsday

3x DDR

3x D fissure

2x Gravekeepers Servant

1x Messenger of Peace

1x LL-AB

1x Chain Strike

2x Allure of Darkness


Traps: 12

2x Macro Cosmos

3x Secret Barrel

3x Just Desserts

1x Ceasefire

1x Ultimate offering

1x Gravity Bind

1x Ojama Trio



3x Firestorm Monarch

3x Casius

1x Raiza

2x Cyber Dragon

3x Solemn

1x Torrential

1x Mirror Force

1x Vortex


Game 1 use ohm and burn cards to do 4000 approx a turn, game 2 side into macro monarchs


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true, not much point if your doing 4000+ damage each turn

thesty has not real use then

you don't have to take this advice, but if you do go for burn, then try chain strike with chain ojama, just deserts, secret barrel and torrential

that usually does good damage, go for the OTK

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