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evil/elemental deck

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this is a deck im still working on since i nearly lost all my fusions and ocean


fusions: (7)

E*H Malicious Fiend

E*H Dark Gaia x2

E*H Infernal Sniper

E-H Mariner

E-H Thunder Giant

E-H Flame Wingman


monsters: (22)

E*H Malicious Edge x2

E*H Infernal Gainer

E-H Prisma

E-H Bubbleman

E-H Burstinatrix

E-H Necroshade

E-H Bladedge

E-H Avian

E-H Wildheart x2

E-H Clayman x2

E-H Sparkman x3



NS Grand Mole

Goggle Golem

Stone Dragon

Legendary Fiend


Traps: (11)

Sakuretsu Armor x3

A Hero Emerges

Hero Counterattack x2

Th Transmigration Prophecy

Legacy of Yata-Garasu

Magic Cylinder

Hero Signal

Elemental Recharge


Spells: (16)

Burden of the Mighty

Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou

Monster Reborn

Fake Hero

Lightning Blade

Light Laser

R - Righteous Justice

H - Heated Heart


Dark Calling

Dark Fusion x3

Polymeruzation x2

Future Fusion

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

in need avian for Mariner

need Burstinatrix for Sniper

need Stone Dragon for Dark Gaia

need Legendary Fiend for Mal. Fiend

Burden helps my low ATK cards

and Baou helps with effect monsters


Mariner sucks

Fuse replacements exist

Lulz ******* Vanilla

There's better ******+ fiends

ATK doesn't matter

You don't need negation as much as you think

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prisma need the card to be discarded from your deck

and i need strong ATK monsters for dark gaia since it is on Rock and one Fiend


thats the reason you play it. i used to have a evil/ elemental hero deck heres the decklist


2| Evil Hero Malicious Edge

2| Caius the Shadow Monarch

1| Dark Magician Of Chaos


3| Elemental Hero Prisma

1| Elemental Hero Straos

1| Elemental Hero Sparkman

1| Elemental Hero Wildheart


3| Armageddon Knight

3| The Dark - Hex - Sealed Fusion


2| Reinforcement of the Army

1| Heavy Storm

2| Miracle Fusion

2| Foolish burial

3| Dark Calling

1| Monster Reborn

1| Premature Burial

1| Smashing Ground

1| Mystical Space Typhoon

2| Allure Of Darkness

3| Dimension Explosion

2| Magical Stone Excavation


1| Mirror Force

3| Solemn Judgment


2| Evil Hero Infernal Malicious Fiend

1| Evil Hero Dark Gaia

1| Evil Hero Wild Cyclone

2| Evil Hero Lightning Golem

2| Elemental Hero Wildedge

2| Elemental Hero Plasma Vice

2| Elemental Hero Darkbright

1| Elemental Hero Thunder Giant

1| Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman

1| Elemental Hero Wild wingman

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