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Six years have passed since Jaden gratuated Duel Academy, but before he left, he said, "I know that one day, great duelists will protect not only this place, but their friends as well. Just as I did, would, and always will. But trust me on this, a new threat is coming. No, not the Shadow Riders, but the Demon Hunters. Expect the first one six years, six months, and six days after I leave. Every six days they'll appear."


Six years and six months later...


Application Form:



Deck Name:




Apperance (OPTIONAL):


Name: Rai Moto

Deck Name: Mythic Beast

Bio: A great duelist, he dreams of becoming the next King of Games, like his father.

Personality: Nice, Smart, Calm, Friendly


Apperance (OPTIONAL): 187f75.png

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Name: Fayt Leingod

Deck Name:TheSacredFlames

Bio: Suffering from anxiety he comes to duel Academy to find the next king of games, and mabye become one himself though he hides this all behind his personality. A Slipher red he hides his abilities but all that shall change. He is 14

Personality: A very wild person. Loves to duel and has been dueling since he could rememver


Apperance (OPTIONAL):123382.png


Name: Jessie Lockhart

DeckName: HolyWater

BIo: He is a normal Kid seeking a life.

Personality: Shy, Protective, and occasionaly smart


Apperance: 1b384.png

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cool here's they go


Name: Kisara Rodes

Deck: Ladies Dragon Deck

Bio: She a Ra yellow at Duel Academy. She use her Ladies Dragons Deck to beat all of her opponents. Her mother is Alexis Rodes. She is 15.

Personality: Nice , Smart , Helpful





Name: Daisuke Tokino

Deck: Meta Fighters Deck

Bio: He is a Silfer Red. He just like jaden Yuki love to duel and eat. His deck is Meta Fighters just like jaden elemental deck. He 15.His little sister Suki he protect her.

Personality: Nice , helpful , love to duel , and love to eat





Name: Yue Nagareboshi

Deck: The Seal Deck

Bio: He a Ra Yellow. He popular then anybody in Duel Academy. His deck is power he called it the seal deck because it contain power cards that are seal away. He is 17.

Personality: Smart , helpful , cool


Appearance: 4g5gqo.jpg



Name: Suki Tokino

Deck: Age of Magicians

Bio: She is a Silfer Red. Her magicians are great and strong. She is 13. Her brother is Daisuke who she called Dai.

Personality: Smart , Nice , Helpful , and love to duel



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Name: Shuro

Deck Name: Wrath Of The Gods

Bio: A duelist whose skill is equal to Yugi Motos having just defeated a Great enemy

Personality: Gets annoyed easily

Deck(P.M.): Greek God deck ( same a s in chaos duels you should know it.)

Apperance (OPTIONAL): guy in my Sig ( not luffy!)

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Rai went looking for a duel when he remembered that he forgot his duel disk! So he ran back home and ran into somebody [protoman].

Rai: "I'll duel you, hang on though and please stay here" and ran home and got his duel disk.

Rai: "Alright, ready when you are."

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Rai Moto: Alright. I'll go first. I'll summon Mythic Beast - Griffin in attack mode.

(Wind|Winged Beast|Lv. 4|ATK 1800|DEF: 1200|Effect)

Once per turn, you can discard one card to destroy one spell or trap card on your opponents side of the field.

Rai Moto: And I'll end my turn with three face downs.

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Shuro - my turn activate heavy storm and fissure. know i summon my Hermes God Of The Path. 1800 atk (can't remember defense i'll change it so i'll change it to 1000 ) by discarding a card from my hand i can add one card with God in its name from my deck to my hand and discard Hades God Of THe Dead 2700 atk 1500 def add my posedian to my hand and ativate hades effect i can special summon him. Now i activate Bident of hades 9equip hades gains 500 attack but cannot attack the turn this is activated) But due to its effect i cant attack this turn. So Go!

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