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Rebirth of Demise


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I know demise isn't playable anymore but this is still fun to use and reasonably cheap to build as well. Surprisingly it ran pretty well in friendlies but side decks would most likely ruin it in competetive play- if I could be bothered to make my own side for this deck I guess it could use dark bribes- they can be set and wait for 1 turn before attempting the otk, then if the opponent tries stopping you with EG solemn, the bribes would come in handy. Also note using the 3 different ritual spells makes me immune to curse seal.


Monsters: 22

3 Demise, King of armageddon

3 Doom Dozer

3 Blue-eyes white dragon

3 Manju of the ten thousand hands

2 Senju of the thousand hands

1 Sonic bird

2 Great maju garzett

3 Metal armored bug

2 Insect knight


Spells: 17

1 Advanced ritual art

1 End of the world

1 Contract with the abyss

3 Trade-in

1 Monster reborn

3 Swing of memories

1 Premature burial

2 Hand destruction

1 Heavy storm

1 Giant trunade

1 Mystical space typhoon

1 Megamorph


Traps: 1

1 Gravity bind

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Would be hard to see what to take out. The deck's wind condition ATM is demise clearing the field followed by either dozer/megamorph/great maju/metal armored bug which usually does it. What would you suggest I neg for the phantom?

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