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3| Demise, King of Armageddon

3| Tri-Horned Dragon

3| Metal Armored Bug

3| Phantom of Chaos

3| Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands

3| Doom Dozer

2| Insect knight

1| Senju of the Thousand Hands


3| Contract with the Abyss

3| Trade-In

3| Hand Destruction

3| Swing of Memories

2| Allure of Darkness

2| Foolish Burial

1| Monster Reborn

1| Premature Burial

1| Megamorph

1| Heavy Storm

1| Advanced Ritual Art

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Well, I did a test run on DMU with this deck, and I was able to perform a OTK, oddly, I thought it would do worse xD


I started out with a god hand: ARA, Trade-In, Doom Dozer, Tri-Horned Dragon, Metal Armored Bug, next draw was Foolish Burial, dissed Metal Armored Bug for Trade-In, got PoC and Swing of Memories, activated ARA, dumped two Insect Knights, SS Demise, nuked the field, removed those two Insect Knights for Doom Dozer, activated Swing of Memories and there you go, a OTK xD

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