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[align=center]Following what B.M.G did.


Darkrai - http://endless-whispers.deviantart.com/
Gallade - http://lleif.deviantart.com/
Charmander - http://shadsonic2.deviantart.com/

[b]Correct Answers[/b]
Darkrai - Nobody for Dream Eater.
Gallade - Clariex for Cut
Charmander - Clariex for Growl

If you can name the attack the Poke'mon is using, you get a rep, ONLY 1 REP A DAY.[/align]
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OCG is a little sucky. Instead of yours, try this. Select one monster name. As long as there are monster card(s) with that name in you or your opponents graveyard, your opponent takes 500 points of damage to his.her life points. When the selected monster is returned from the graveyard to the field or hand, repeat this effect.

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