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[CC - Productions First Ever Synchro! and Tuner Monster!]


Are CC-Productions Creations Great?  

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  1. 1. Are CC-Productions Creations Great?

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This is my First Ever Creation! of Synchro and Tuner!

Hope you like them!!!!


---------------Raijin - Master Of The 12th Gate----------------

---------------Raijin - Master Of The 12th Gate


p><p>Send 1 Level 5 monster from your hand to the graveyard to destroy all face-up monsters on your opponent





The Image Of this card features! Raijin! The Deus Exe Machina Of 12th Gate Of Sealing!




Card Text:

When a Spell card is activated during the Battle Phase, you can send 1 Trap card from your hand to the Graveyard, to negate the activation of that Spell card and send it to the Graveyard.





The Image on this card features Trios! Raijin's Pet Dragon

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